Your Indie Playlist: Our Top 6 Most Inspirational, Make you Smile, Kickass Songs for the Summer!


Okay, so you know when a song comes on and it’s like a jump start right to your heart? Doesn’t matter if you’ve had the worst day in the world – you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend or your hamster ran away- that song that puts a smile on your face and makes you want to dance around in your underwear. That song. Well, we know that feeling and we’ve created a fun list of our favorite inspirational songs to jumpstart your day.

Top 6 Inspirational Fun Songs:

6. James Brown —– I Feel Good

James Brown, I feel Good, music, classic

Just you try to listen to this without moving your feet. We dare you. The God Father of soul always puts a smile on your face. I love listening to this song when I’m doing the dishes or getting ready for a night out on the town.




5. Destiny’s Child —– Independent Women

destiny's child, independent women, music, songs

“I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings.” Sounds like our kinda girl! If it’s the boyfriend irritating you or the boss getting you down..whatever the rain on your parade, turn this jam on and belt out those lyrics! You are your own powerhouse.




4. Kelly Clarkson —- Stronger

Kelly Clarkson, stronger, inspirational, music,

Kelly Clarkson is making her stand as queen of the Power Pop Girl Anthem. Running at the gym, life-changing, miserable breakup – what doesn’t this song apply to?? Put this on and change the world!




3. Journey—– Don’t Stop Believing

Journey, Don't stop believing, classic, music

At some point during your fabulous night out, the DJ puts this on and everyone starts singing in unison holding hands. It brings tears to your eyes, fills you with passion, and just makes you want to attack the day! Don’t let Glee spoil this classic, and make sure to sing it solo in the shower when you wake up the next morning :)




2. Bob Sinclair —- World Hold On

bob sinclair, world hold on, music, electronic, house, europe

Ok, so if you’ve never heard this song, I understand. Here’s your chance to really, LISTEN and learn! This song makes me want sing dance and love… EVERYTHING!! This infectious song will change your mood, make you shake your butt and has a wonderful message, too.




Here is our number one pick for the most inspirational, sing your heart out song of the summer!

1. Katy Perry —- Firework

I’m not even sure it needs an explanation, but it doesn’t matter where I am or how I’m feeling, if this song comes on I’m BELTING IT OUT! The ever-bubbly Katy Perry pulls at your heart with amazing vocals and a stupendous message. Thank you, Katy Perry, for providing us with this amazing anthem and letting us know we’re all fireworks!

What’s on YOUR Playlist this summer?


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