Why Throwing Stuff Away is Fun

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Written by Veronica

Hoarders are everywhere. I had no idea that I was one of them. I don’t qualify for the show, but acquiring 27 years of belongings is a complete bitch to go through, let me tell you. Did I just reveal my age? I recently moved, and at first, the thought of going through all of my belongings gave me anxiety. It was during the process that I learned how throwing stuff away can be fun, which worked out because it’s a new year.

I came across a uniform shirt that I wore in the fifth grade. I also found an old stuffed animal an ex gave me, along with empty boxes jewelry came in. Why in the world I kept those things, I’ve no idea. I came across other items that were kept for an inappropriately long time. One would think that if I hadn’t used something in over a decade, I would throw it away, right? Wrong.

I allowed my tendency to be sentimental take up WAY too much square footage in my life. I then realized that the act of throwing away – something I dreaded – was necessary to do, regardless of how badly I wanted to hold onto items that represented fond memories. Some of it was even enjoyable. Here’s why.


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