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Why The Indie Chicks Blog Exists (And Why You Love It)

Written by Chiara Mazzucco

‘Get off your high horse – Where do you come off telling US about who we are, who we should be, and what dreams we should follow? Why should we give two shits about The Indie Chicks?’

I get it. You read this title and you automatically assume this will be a blatant piece of self promotion, urging you to give us your first born once you’ve finished reading in order to receive the solution to all of your problems.

You’re wrong.

Although I’d like to tell our readers we are a bunch of successful, condo-owning business-women, the truth is.. we are exactly like you, our readers. Each team member has overcome extreme struggles to get to where we are, and not one of us is done climbing.

We have found a way to support each other – through weekly staff meetings, daily email threads, and private facebook messages – where we not only work on the company and its vision, but also help each other through those struggles.

Yes. We are all still struggling.

The reason we write on the topics you see on this website is because those are the topics that get US through. We know when we need friends, when we need a kick in the ass, and when we need to be told we’re worth it.

We’re honest – even about the ugly, dark parts of our lives.

Within the group, we share stories of domestic abuse, rape, drug abuse, financial problems, weight and general health obstacles… social, work and love related struggles.. WE KNOW ABOUT IT ALL.

So we write about it. We write about what we needed to know or hear when we were going through it.

Right now, you see a big emphasis  on pursuing your dreams. Know why?

We are all fitting The Indie Chicks in between raising our children, attending our 9-5’s, paying our bills, and working on our relationships… We’re finding the time {mostly, we’re making the time} to make OUR dream.. a reality.

One day, we want this project to reach the homes of women everywhere, we want it to pay our bills and put food on our tables, and we want to be able to devote ALL of our time and resources to encouraging others to follow their dreams, too.

Maybe that’s why men read our blog too.. and why they like it just as much as women do.

Life is a journey of self discovery, one we’re ALL on. And while, yes, you can go to the nearest bookstore (or and buy a book titled, “How I Became a Millionaire”, we’re asking you to go on the journey with us.

We live and breathe YOU. When you tweet us inspirational tweets on Twitter and we Retweet them, we do so because WE, too, need to hear the words we whisper to our readers. {We did an entire free ebook on 50 our most favorite inspirational quotes}

We want to be living proof that our message is worthy of being spread.

As the company’s CEO, I can tell you, I have never felt more support than I do right now, being apart of this team. That is what we aspire to see our community grow to.

We are mapping out the women we want to become and helping each other grow into those women.

The Indie Chicks have a lot more planned: Exclusive Google+ Hangouts (where you can jump into a video chatroom with us), Podcast, YouTube, Collaborations, Indie Dick, Contests and Giveaways, and much, much more.

I personally want to thank you for supporting us, for inspiring us, and for sharing our message. Please, email us and suggest article topics or people who have inspired you {So we can try to interview them.. and so they can inspire others}..


Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

Founder and CEO at The Indie Chicks, Inc.
Founder and CEO of Indie Chicks, Inc.
Published author of The 9 Mirages of Love, web and graphic designer, and single mom to three cats and a baby.
Chiara Mazzucco