Why Lunch Dates are a Do

Lunch dates a do?

Trying to find time to squeeze in a date can be tricky for us busy Indie girls but when you are single and looking, it’s something you need to get a little creative with. That’s why I’m recommending the lunch date.

Although not my first choice for a traditional “first date” due primarily to the lack of cocktails which I do so much enjoy, there are a few benefits to meeting your new guy over your lunch hour.

1: Safety

The lunchtime date can provide a certain amount of safety which is key especially if you are meeting someone for the first time. As Jewels so brilliantly outlined in her Online Dating Safety article , meeting for lunch in broad daylight, in a public and probably busy place, with little or no alcohol involved with give you a clear head and an audience, both of which bode well for you making it out of the date, be it good or bad, in one piece.

2: You Know When It Will End

Unless you both have jobs that offer limitless flexibility, you will be able to set a firm start and, more importantly, end time for the date. Whereas evening dates can offer an open-ended option, the lunch date gives you that all important conference call or can’t miss meeting to use as your out should it not go well. Even if it goes swimmingly, it’s nice to still have that cut off time that will leave you both walking away with the anticipation of next time without being tempted to linger into more intimate territory right then and there.

3: Less Investment (and pressure) For Both of You

First dates can be a big investment, not just of your time, but also monetarily depending on where you meet, how many cocktails you have, and if one or both of you are paying for a babysitter so you can get out of the house for a while. While taking advantage of your lunch hour to meet up, you can help eliminate some of that time and money investment which can take the pressure off of both of you knowing that it can be a simple meeting as opposed to a grand event loaded with expectations of grandeur. There are only so many stops a guy can pull out in an hour you know?

You have to eat anyways right? You might as well use those company provided breaks to meet up with someone new, see if there is an interest in finding out more about each other, and getting a bite to eat while you are at it. You might just find yourself heading back to the office with a smile on your face and another date on your calendar.

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  1. I love the advise about lunch hour dates. It’s true, with both people knowing there is a end time it is much more comfortable. If he’s a jerk you only have 58 min’s more to endure. I wish I know this when I was single.

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