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TV means a lot to me. 

But before you gasp at what may make me out to be a 400 lbs, tv dinner eating housewife, I’d like to clarify I’m not. In fact, I’ve transformed by obsession with TV into a reason to hit the gym in the mornings. Nothing gets you through a dreaded cardio session like needing to finish an episode of your favorite TV show. That said, I think it’s fair to say Sundays are quickly becoming my favorite night on the couch. What do I want to ramble about today? Warning: SPOILER ALERT. What happened on Once Upon a Time? Revenge? Walking Dead? And what about the new 666 Park Avenue?

Once Upon a Time

YOU GOT ME, you tricky writers! I can’t be blamed for falling for Regina’s mother impersonating Lancelot and I’m excited to see this light a fire under Regina’s ass in Storybrook. She should have known that simply poofing her into a mirror wouldn’t have gotten rid of her. Speaking of which, am I the only one having a hard time believing Regina’s transition from true love seeking, I hate magic, screw you mommy angel to dark, daddy killing queen?

I’m also glad they made Emma an idiot in magic land. Her toned muscles can’t save her from an ogre.. (You know, the one she called over when she inexplicably shot her gun?) Her sarcasm needs a little loving.. It was also nice to see her character finally break down and embrace mommy Snow White.

Snow is my absolute favorite. Flashbacks of her with long, flowy hair make me want to go hide in her embrace – she’s so heavenly! And short hair modern day Snow is such a bad ass – I’m obsessed.

All in all, this has got to be one of my absolute faves. But seriously, can we talk about HOOK!? (oh mah gawd). And where did Pinocchio limp off too? I need him to come back and flirt with Emma some more.


Damn, Emily. I wish you were my friend. And if you were, I’d ask you to stop pulling little Grayson by his little heart strings and neatly parted hair. Speaking of D, I need him to decide whether to be an scheme loving Grayson or a good little boy who doesn’t belong. Is he going to let Emily train him? And please tell me she’s not actually having feelings for him again… I need something to happen between her and Jack – baby daddy or not.

Crazy mommy is back .. and having a love affair with the silver hair agent? What happened?! I need that flashback. Did he swoop her into his arms when he was supposed to kill her? Did they fall in love over their plot for revenge? Does she even give a shit that her daughter is alive? Anti psychotic meds.. HM..

And let’s discuss how Victoria is just .. perfect. She has got to be one of my favorite villains on tv right now. How is she always able to pull a last minute card out of her scheme filled panties? Brilliant.

And poor Amanda (I mean, real stripper Emily).. All prego with a baby which is probably really Jack’s.. and Emily is black mailing her and manipulating her need for love and family? Now you’re on the news and baby Daddy don’t want you anymore.. Probably won’t when he finds out you’re not Amanda.

I love this show. I actually dream about it.

Walking Dead (RETURNS, BITCHES!)

I love this show. Not only is it one of the few my husband and I can watch together (I’ve been trying to get him to consider joining me for Nashville… #chickflickfail -though I’m already obsessed), but the show is gory, dramatic and filled with the right amount of suspense I need to start my week.

Carl grew some hair and apparently some balls, too, as he flirts his way into the heart of the youngest girl (who I have to admit, I didn’t even realize was that young). He was starting to really piss me off.. so I’m happy for that.

Sidenote: I miss Shane a bit – he was a great bad guy. And one of my favorite things about ANY shows is a good love triangle. I loved the season finale.

Anyway, we had some dramatic leg chopping action going on, talk of zombie babies and a surprise appearance by a group of survivors hanging out in prison. Now THAT’S how you start a season off!

Let’s talk about the brilliant addition of the decked out zombies with helmets and protective vests. Thank you. Stabbing zombies in the head was getting boring.

I’ve heard from the graphic novel lovers that I should be bowing down to the new character with chained up, armless, jawless zombies. If she’s as bad ass as everyone is telling me she is, she’ll probably become my new favorite. Preggo mommy WAS my favorite.. but now she’s pissing me off.

666 Park Avenue

I’m not going to lie.. it’s a pretty creepy show to end the night with. I really need to talk about how sinfully sexy the stalker/one night stand affair is with blonde assistant. If you lived high up in a building like The Drake, and you saw temptation across the street.. and no one was home.. would you partake in a little fantasy? I mean, obviously he/she wouldn’t walk through your doors as your spouse’s new assistant or anything…

John Locke (he will for ever be John Locke) is really good at being bad. When he unsquints his eyes EVEN I TRUST HIM. And I was actually surprised to see the daughter’s suicide and the note story was actually real. You mean to tell me even these characters have  internal battles? Thank you. I needed that.

The blonde lead is addictive to watch. I don’t know what it is about her but I can’t take my eyes off. She cleans up sinfully well for events and even her casual lunch date outfit made me want to be her friend.

Though if we were friends, I’d probably ask her what the hell is going through her mind everytime she hears a noise in the basement anf goes to check it out.. in her boxers. Not to mention the fact she brought a creepy suitcase up and left her near her bed while she slept? Is the little girl ghost REALLY not getting through to you.. at all?!

What’d you think of last night’s shows?



Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

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    1. Omg HAHAHHAHAH. It seems like they ARE going to start messing around! Little massages from carrying riffles? Sounds hot. lol I kind of like them together, too, and there’s no one else available!

  1. Holy Captain Hook….that man looked GOOD. I am ADDICTED to that show. I don’t watch any of the others except for Walking Dead which I JUST started last weekend when they ran their marathon. I watched while writing and caught up a bit then watched the season opener. Not gonna lie…I’m proud of myself because scary shit…well scares the shit out of me. I really like it though. Love these recaps!!

    1. RIGHT? Who IS that actor?! I love, love, love it. And I’m so proud of you for watching The Walking Dead… honestly.. once you get past the whole .. zombie thing (if it’s not your thing) it’s a really great story!

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