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Written by Veronica

Who doesn’t love a world full of colorful, fabulous stiletto shoes and silhouettes of fabulousness? Elizabeth Forero Schoonmaker (@artbygrafitticouture) is a Momma, graphic designer, whose brainchild is Grafitti Couture. Elizabeth, the indie chicks, community member, grafitti couture

We at The Indie Chicks adore Elizabeth and her creations, and her active and consistent participation in The IC Community has inspired us to honor her by naming her our first Community Member of the Week. If you haven’t added her as a friend yet, add her! She’s fab. Haven’t signed up for a profile yet? Sign up for one here.

Here’s the artwork she has uploaded on her IC Member Profile media page. Elizabeth rocks out her badass talent – you can tell by looking at her work that she enjoys what she does. Be sure to keep in touch with her so you can catch all of her latest projects.

Don’t forget to update your latest projects and media – we want to see what you’re up to so we can encourage you. You also inspire us! Who knows, you may be our next Community Member of the Week, so keep us updated.

What’s one thing you’ve been wanting to say? Start a thread in our forum! Want that extra accountability? Post your goal! What do you love about the community? What do you want to see?


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