Spotlight: Coco Hames – Punk Rockstar Extraordinaire

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Lindsay “Coco” Hames is the lead vocalist and guitarist for The Ettes. I’m a big fan of this garage-band-punk-rock awesomeness that has pumped out music that literally gets me on my feet. I’m talking about their songs, “Dead and Gone,” “Marathon,” and “Crown of Age,” just to name a few – put them in your favorite playlist; you’ll know what I mean.

Coco is a proud Florida girl. As a matter of fact, we attended the same high school, and I’m so thankful to her sister (who I adore) for introducing me to her and her music. I am so insanely stoked to do this Spotlight. Here’s a little bit about her in own words, the sweetly kick-ass, fantastic Coco…

First of all, you are fascinating on so many levels! I adore your vocal style. When did you decide that being in a rock band was the passion you wanted to follow?

Well thank you!  My mom always said I was good at entertaining myself, maybe I have several personalities so I can keep myself entertained.  No… I know I do…

I was in a couple of bands in high school and college, but I really hated playing with other people.  The egos!  They’re no myth!  So for me, I really preferred doing solo stuff, which as a practice made me a better musician (doing several instruments) and a better songwriter because there was no one else to hid behind.  I wasn’t really interested in being in a rock band until I got together with Poni and Jem.

You and the guitar: was it love at first strum? Who do you consider to be your instrumental heroes?

My dad taught me my first three chords and then “House of the Rising Sun”, and then I just taught myself to play all my favorite songs from all his old records.  I am from another time!  Instrumentally, when I got into high school and it was the ’90s, I was fascinated by the inventive things Ani DiFranco did with just her and an acoustic guitar.  I wasn’t into the music or the songs as much as I was like, her brain works crazy, all these different tunings and picking styles.  I just thought that was cool.  I never was a folkie and I never was a  shredder, though.  I liked pretty things, slide guitar, country music, and then I loved Billy Childish, and then I LOVED Greg Cartwright.


You are a member of The Ettes and The Parting Gifts. Are there any other projects in the works?

The Parting Gifts are writing right now, and then the Ettes are doing another record in a seeeeecret place.  It’ll be new territory for the Ettes in a lot of ways.

What rocks your world when you’re not touring?

Cooking.  Reading.  Hanging out with my dogs.  I’m a very boring homebody when I’m not rocking.  I seldom wear shoes.  Or pants.  I am from Florida, after all.

You’re a captivating writer. What other secret talents do you possess?

Thank you!  Writing has always been one of my strengths, one of my favorite things to do.  I don’t speak as well as I write.  It helps me at least attempt to communicate with the rest of the world.  My brain moves too fast (which is why I’m so clumsy, I think I can move faster than I actually can!) and I give a lot of back story, I can be very impossible to hang out with and talk to.  I exhaust people.  When I write, you can choose whether you want to be involved in whatever I’m jabbering on about!

You’ve done some film work in The Sopranos – any chances of dabbling in acting again?

I would do something where I feel like I could do a good job.  There are people who study and dedicate their life to that craft.  I respect that, but I don’t like studying :)  It IS true that I am a shapeshifter.  And I love stories.  I know I’m not one of those actors that have a void they need to fill with other “characters”; I’m quite aware that I’m a character myself.  But I do love trickery, and if I could shape shift into another person and perform a role in a good story, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

Tell us about your upcoming touring schedule and project releases.

WICKED WILL was just released in Europe so we’re going to tour on that, and then it’s recording time, for both the Ettes and the Parting Gifts.  It’s hard to believe it’s 2012 in general, but it’s wrapping up so fast it’s making my head spin!  2013 is going to be a very interesting year for me.  I can’t wait.

Neither can I. Thank you for taking the time for this little interview. I’m so looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for your talented self!

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