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Most of us use social media for fun; it’s a place for us to kick off our shoes, lay back, and enjoy people and things we love. Did you know you can use it to drive more traffic to your blog? Did you know your business could benefit from an online presence? Better yet, did you know there are talented women like Angie & Liz who can do it for you? (And do it well?) We’d like to introduce you to two bad ass indie chicks, making their dreams – and the dreams of their clients – come true!

What (exactly) do you guys do?

We help businesses brand themselves and manage their social media platforms to build relationships with potential and current clients. But it doesn’t stop at social media, we offer all Inbound Marketing services (blog, SEO, Email marketing, and Social Media). At the core of what we do is really helping businesses grow. We truly want to help people, not just make a dime! We like to give tips and help people weave their dreams into Reality!

How did you meet? And how did you decide to form Assist Social Media?

We met through Twitter, both relationship bloggers, Liz was the Dating Diva, Angie was the Maneater, and it blossomed from there. We decided to mastermind and encourage each other to meet goals, share ideas and brain storm the best ways to use social media. And then…we became great friends. We had originally both decided to start our own individual social media management companies, but after meeting for the first time in Tampa in April, we knew we were a great fit. Liz rocks SEO and social media, Angie rocks the blog – it’s a match made in online marketing heaven!

L: I was looking for a new way to expand my business and years of helping people with relationships on social media. Then it hit me.. Why not teach people how to build business relationships online? I had taught people for many years to brand a profile, get noticed, and how to talk to people on dating sites – it really isn’t any different. Romancing and building a personal or business relationship require the same skills online. I started taking classes and reading everything I could about managing social media for others. I knew the one skill I didn’t have was writing. I asked Angie if she would be interested in a job writing for me. She agreed and I soon realized after a master mind conference she attended as my assistant, that she would be a perfect business partner. I asked her and she agreed!

Angie, you recently made the decision to walk away from your beloved dating & relationship blog, Maneaters. How did that feel and what did you learn from that experience that has carried over into the job you do now?

A: Sigh. The Maneater… walking away was sooooo hard and I have mixed emotions about it… What I loved so much about Maneaters was inspiring others… because that is the most inspiring thing in life (inspiring others). It just felt like a natural evolution. I knew in my heart that it was time to move on. I had grown from it and really had moved from the dating talk… I want to talk business and building wealth for women. Don’t be surprised WHEN you see a reincarnation of Maneaters… just in a more mature, business, life, success, but still kick ass form… less focus on dating and relationships because.. who really has that figured out, anyway? lol.

Liz, you started an online business all on your own. Tell us about your journey – what trials and errors have you faced?

L: I started a business as a fluke.. My Husband said you love social media so much why doing you make it a job? I thought, “Hm, what kind of job or business could I start?” I played online games on yahoo and was invited to a chat room. And there, I saw the most amazing thing: people were talking, meeting and getting married! They were building relationships that started out online! I understood I had grown to like my yahoo card friends and the people from that chat room, too! My Chat friend Roxi Journey had started an online dating business and asked if I wanted to be a part of it! I jumped at the chance.. I invested 8 dollars and by the end of the month, I had earned 400..I was hooked. I studied SEO and worked day and night to build my company. What I learned was: Hard work pays off, you have to study your competition , and never stop learning. I neglected my business for a year and a half and it took me that long to get it back to being a healthy company. I let the power of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook slide right by me. So, stay on top of what’s going on and never neglect your business.

Tell us about Assist Social Media, what sets you apart from other companies?

A: What sets us apart is us. Just try us… you will be blown away. The combination of what we know together as a team will amaze you! And we treat our clients like gods, we want to be successful so we’re never short of amazing.

Editor’s Note: I will vouch, these 2 women are ridiculously brilliant. What they’ve accomplished in the time they’ve been running is mind blowing. They listen to their clients and they deliver results you’ve never dreamed. I worked in social media marketing and I know how hard of a job it can be – these two make is seem effortless!

Any words of wisdom for our kick ass readers?

A: My words of wisdom are these: Whatever it is that you want to do – I mean really want to do – DO IT! And do it ASAP! Life is too short; you are all too brilliant to settle for mediocrity. Believe in yourself, feel the fear, and do it anyway! And NEVER EVER let anyone talk you out of your dreams. It is your story, your life, write it the way you want it!

L: I built a business with 8 dollars and a lot of sweat and studying…. In a year it turned to 30k… The relationship you build with people online is everything. Build a reputation for being honest and caring and people will flock to you. Listen and pay attention to what people are searching for and develop a business or product that serves THAT need. You’ll make a living from your kitchen table. You can have a career, be a wife, and a mom and never have to leave home!

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We want to take a moment to emphasize how important social media is to your online presence. Blogging and social media are absolutely VITAL to your success and we plan on directing a lot more focus to that. We have a lot of readers who blog, a lot of small business owners, and a lot of entrepreneurs. Take the time to consider the importance.. The Indie Chicks is thriving because of YOU – many of YOU have found US via Twitter and Facebook!

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  • July 9, 2012 11:27 amPOSTED 1 MONTH AGO
    Angela Jordan

    What an honor to be featured on this site! Thank you soooo much Chiara! You are amazing and this site is beyond! Best wishes to you guys and your business! xoxo
    Angela Jordan recently posted..We’ve Gone Indie! Our Indie Chicks InterviewMy Profile


  • July 9, 2012 10:04 pmPOSTED 1 MONTH AGO

    Sorry for the late comment-read earlier from phone-but I wanted to say hi to Liz. Angie, I know you a bit but Liz it was fantastic getting to know you! :) I’m so excited for you both. This is a great venture and a market that is most definitely not going anywhere. I wish you both continued success! :)
    AccordingtoJewels recently posted..Whale WatchingMy Profile


  • July 12, 2012 2:11 pmPOSTED 1 MONTH AGO
    Angela Jordan

    Thanks Jewels! I appreciate it! And we both love you!
    Angela Jordan recently posted..What Do Your Marketing Activities Say About You?My Profile


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