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You know that feeling you get when you see your favorite musician perform live? You know those chills that run through your body when you hear the voice of a talented singer hit those breathtakingly beautiful notes? You do know; it’s the magic of music. Well, Amie Miriello has ‘it’.

Amie Miriello is one of the most magnetic performers I’ve ever seen live. When you see her, your heart starts to beat side by side with the rhythm of her music. Her voice takes you places you wish you could snuggle up with on a rainy Sunday afternoon. And what makes her even more amazing is the fact that she’s such a radiant, outgoing, in-your-face, kick ass person. She’s addictive, charming, and so... fucking.. talented. She’s been featured in Seventeen Magazine, and we’re lucky to have her let us into her story. And when you’re done, please, go find her and go love her.

How’d you get into music? Was it something you grew up dreaming of?

I was born with parents who were passionate about music. My father was borderline obsessive about it and is now a jazz critic. As soon as I could talk I could sing and I realized it got me a lot of attention. I soon realized that nothing made me feel the way singing and playing music did. Of course, it was a life long dream.

Tell us about the beginning of your journey and playing the yellow brick road

Before I started playing guitar I did a ton of musical theater. The beginning of my career was hilarious because I was terrified to act, but could sing my butt off! I was always cast in the chorus and one time I was actually cast as the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. I wore a yellow jumpsuit with bricks drawn on it and did cartwheels . It was degrading! Finally realized acting was NOT for me.

What challenges, trials and errors most stand out in your journey?

This industry is one big challenge. The waiting, the snooty businessmen who know nothing about music, the silly girls with no talent running around calling themselves artists. Daily I struggle with this industry.

What song speaks most about you as individual?

I think a song of my band SO&SO’s new record called “What’s the Use?” is very indicative of my personality. I’m funny, lighthearted and inappropriate, but the subtext is dark and morbid.

How has singing and performing shaped you as a woman, good and bad?

Singing and performing has helped me in so many ways as a woman. Its given me self worth and validated me in ways many women don’t get validated. Instead of for looks and vanity it’s for talent and I find that to be powerful.

You’re breathtaking when you perform live, how does it make you feel to be on stage?

Being on stage is amazing. It’s a free and out of body experience I can’t put into words. A good show is euphoric, and a bad one can ruin lives (I’m so dramatic). Ha!

Tell us about your experience getting signed

Getting signed was a dream come true. I like everyone else in those days thought it was the “golden ticket”. I soon realized it was just the beginning and sometimes labels are totally overrated. I love being independent now.

A big part of who you are is being a role model to women everywhere – What, exactly, is your message
to them?

My message to artists and women alike is to take no shit and go for it. Art is subjective and constructive criticism doesn’t exist in art. Do what you love and don’t apologize for it.

What do you have currently going on, and what can we expect to see in your future?

I’m currently promoting my bands new record, Ready. I’m in love with it and in love with my band. We plan to tour in the fall and I cannot wait to get back on the road!

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Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

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