SPF Essentials For Spring

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The sun is shining, the weather is warming up and you cannot wait to bask in the rays and spend some time outside. Believe me, I’m just as excited as you are for warmer weather and some sun! A few years ago I was out enjoying the sun on just such a day and got severely burnt. I was shocked, it wasn’t even that hot out after all, but my pale Irish “haven’t seen the sun in months” skin didn’t care. Even if you aren’t purposely sunning yourself, you are being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Even if it’s not a balmy 94 degrees you can still get sunburn.

One of the largest beauty mistakes I’ve made in my life is not being careful with sunscreen. I enjoy the sun sinking into my skin and I enjoy a good tan, so why bother with sunscreen? Man, I was so very wrong. I hadn’t taken nearly as good care of my skin, especially my face, as I should have been and my fine lines and wrinkles are proof.

The quickest way to youthful skin is SPF, moisture, and rest. If you refuse to use SPF on the rest of your body, please for the love of all things sacred, wear it on your face. Here are my tips for using SPF as a part of your daily beauty routine (not just for Spring and Summer).

SPF Essentials for Spring

Know Your Numbers

A lot of people think that their tinted moisturizer with SPF 15 is enough, but it isn’t. You should be wearing SPF 30 or higher on your face. There are plenty of face products in the 30-45 (and higher) SPF range, so do your research and find your favorite. Just know that to protect your face from sun damage and early onset of fine lines, wrinkles, and of course protection against skin cancer, that you want a higher SPF.

Be BB Beautiful

I was a little late to the BB cream craze but now that I finally know what people are talking about, I’m SO on board! What is a BB cream? The BB stands for Beauty Balm and it’s an all in one face treatment. Though each brand is different, what you essentially have is a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation all in one. Many women make the mistake of putting sunscreen on after their moisturizer and foundation when it should be closest to the skin. Now, you can skip all the steps of moisturizer, blemish cover-up, sunscreen, and foundation all in one. It’s a time saver, storage helper, and all around miracle in a bottle.

I’m addicted to NYX’s BB cream and IT Cosmetics CC cream (with SPF 50), but I’ve heard great things about other cosmetic companies as well. Check out reviews, look into your favorite foundation and see if it has a comparable shade BB cream. It will ensure that you don’t forget the all-important SPF step of your morning beauty routine. Note: If you don’t have a BB cream or foundation with SPF in it, you can add a bit of an SPF lotion to your foundation.

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

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  1. These are great tips, Jewels. I’ll definitely be checking out the products. I’m part Irish and part Native American, but I definitely take after the latter in that I hardly ever burn. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t take care of my skin! Fine lines do tend to show up more on my face, so these little tips will be coming in handy. Thanks for writing!

    1. I burn once and then tan…the curse of a Greek/Irish heritage. I am still covered in freckles though from years of not being careful enough in the sun. I wish I’d taken better care of my skin earlier on. I’m glad that you enjoyed the tips!

    1. I’ve never heard that rumor! I’d have to look into it but I don’t tend to go any higher than 30, personally. I think I tried for 50 on my face one year but the brand that I used I was allergic to (it burned like hell) so I stopped using it and went back to my 30. 😀 That’s an interesting theory though.

    2. I’ve heard that too! But never researched the theory in depth. I guess I try to be safe rather than sorry. Unfortunately when I went on a cruise a month ago with my pasty white, dead of winter skin, no amount of 50 spf was even enough to keep me from burning :( Luckily the Italian side of me turned the pinkish, Irish side, to tan after a day or two, but unfortunately the damage was already done. These are some fantastic tips Jewels. Thank you for sharing. But remember, hats, shades and cover-ups ladies, when you think that spf might not be enough! :)

      1. I’m the queen of hats and cover ups! So very true that those are necessary for those who burn or don’t have olive skin better suited for sun. Having sunscreen on is step 1 but dressing for the sun is essential as well. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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