Soothing the Workaholic – 5 Steps to a Calmer You


Hi my name is Chrystal…and I’m a workaholic.

Hiiiiii Chrystallllll.

Work is my playground. I love it. I curse the Earth for making the rotation in 24 hours rather than dragging things out and letting me have days that last twice as long. (I feel giddy even just thinking about having 48-hour days.) Essentially, I’m passionate about what I do, I live for it, eat/sleep/breathe it and because of that, I pile tasks onto my plate like a fat kid at an all you can eat bacon and ice cream buffet.

If you’re a workaholic (such an ugly word) you know that it’s not a choice, you just are. It comes as natural as breathing and before you know it, that first cup of coffee becomes a glass of wine long after your sig other has gone to bed.

So, how do you essentially turn it off or even just down in order to have somewhat of a life?

Well, as crazy as I am and as much as I love work, work, work I’m going to share a few tricks that have helped me to tame the beast inside a bit.

1. Do Not Disturb

If you have an iPhone (I believe Android has an app for this) there’s this amazing little feature that won’t allow calls, texts or notifications of any sort through. I used to pop up like a Pop-Tart every time my phone made the slightest buzz. Now from 10pm-8am that thing is dead silent.

The hardest part is to refrain from peeking at it but the longer you use it the easier it gets.

But: What if someone calls me and it’s an emergency??
Excuse Killer: You can add anyone that you consider to be important to your favorites and set it so they can get through. Also, if someone calls twice within 3 minutes the call will come through regardless.

2. Set a Date with Yourself – – and Don’t Break it.

My workouts are non-negotiable. I make sure I put them on my calendar before I start scheduling meetings for that week and I refuse to break the appointment. I saw this meme the other day when I considered skipping a workout to catch up on some work:

“Think of your workouts as important meetings you’ve scheduled with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.

Think about that. Would you cancel a super important meeting with a client that is going to give you business? No! So why would you cancel something else that is going to benefit you?

It doesn’t have to be working out if that’s not your thing (though I highly recommend it considering it’s an amazing stress killer and endorphin releaser.) It could be reading a pleasure book for an hour a couple of times a week, sitting outside in the sun, meditating—anything as long as it’s for you and you alone. Schedule it and don’t break it.

But: What if I’m out of town or that’s the ONLY time my client/boss/mother can meet?
Excuse Killer: When this happens, I reschedule with myself. I don’t make exceptions often but if I truly can’t fit it into my regularly scheduled program, I do what I can to fit it in another slot. And then I do it.

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Chrystal Rose

Chrystal Rose

Chrystal is a partner & President of The Indie Chicks, founder of Dollhouse Marketing & author of Unfaithfully Yours: Confessions of a Cheating Bitch. She's a total travel junkie, health/fitness fanatic and mommy to a couple of furbabies. Want to say hi? Hit her up on any of her social media outlets or email her.

  1. Love these, Chrystal! I’ve been doing better as of late to make time for myself, for utilizing the Do Not Disturb at night, and having ourselves a Date Night. It’s refreshing and helps in not becoming burned out. I once worked myself so much to where I wasn’t sleeping, amplifying my anxiety, and simply could not shut my mind off – and over time, I developed a slight fever and collapsed. I had exhausted myself to where my body had to tell me to slow down and rest. The tips you have here are perfect for preventing this from happening. I’m particularly bad about working through meals and for not getting out enough. I will have to master this! Thanks for writing, as it was quite relatable.

    1. Thanks for reading Ashley! I’m so glad I could be helpful. It’s something I struggle with myself so finding small ways to tone it down really helps :)

      Working yourself sick not only sucks because it sucks to be sick, but it also takes away from your productivity. You really do yourself such a massive disservice.

  2. If I don’t answer my phone everyone has a little panic attack wondering where is mum what is wrong why is mum not answering doesn’t matter if I am busy, driving or just having a bath it is like the world is going to collapse if I don’t answer my phone

  3. I love these tips. I’d love to say that I adhere to all of them but I don’t. Meals are stil work time for me, my vacations are still work time for me. Hell, even sleep is work time for me…I dream in SEO. I do try my hardest to keep my phone away when I’m with friends, for whom I will ALWAYS make time. It isn’t easy since our business is “on” constantly, but it’s essential to unplug now and again.

  4. This piece is such a home run. Honestly. In a way, I’m put at peace knowing I’m not the only one out there like this, since I wrote that piece about workaholics a while back. But mostly, I’m just loving these pieces of advice… Life is in need of a serious intervention if you truly believe the world will end if you don’t put the work down while you eat or skip a night of work to nourish an actual relationship.

    This is what greatness is made of, baby: BALANCE! (And sanity.. I think) Oh.. and lot’s of coffee and a ton of organized to do lists to keep everything in order of priority, of course

  5. Great article! We don’t realize how much we need work-life balance until we don’t have it. This advice is great, and I always see an improvement on my day when I take time to eat lunch away from my office with a book. I need my quiet time!

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