Self Rescuing Princesses


Once upon a time, there were two beautiful princesses who lived in a far off kingdom. They had eyes as blue as the sky in spring, hair of gold, and berry-pink lips. They were beautiful and they were kind. The king’s people loved the princesses, and the princesses loved the king’s people.

The two princesses were the lights of the king’s life, and he showered them with sparkly dresses and diamond jewelry. He wanted them to have everything that they wanted, and he gave them many gifts. The princesses, being kind, always thanked the king, and the king responded by showering the princesses with more presents.

When the princesses came of marrying age, there were no princes to be found. The Prince of Albemarle was betrothed to the Princess of Wellington. The Dutch Prince had recently married the Duchess of Birmingham. The Prince of Leon, a good friend of the princesses who was expected to marry one of them, found his bride in the Spanish hills.

The king was very worried. Although he was happy to keep his daughters at home and insulate them from the world, he couldn’t. He had a kingdom to defend and needed to travel far and wide to protect his people and his land.

The princesses were astonished. For their entire lives, they believed that they would marry princes, move to neighboring kingdoms, and sit next to their handsome, charming husbands as they ruled over their adjoining lands. Instead, the princesses were left in the castle, alone.

One day, while they were preparing for the day, the elder princess looked to her younger sister and said, “Crap, what are we going to do?”

No princess ever assumes that she is going to be alone, but the reality is that most women find themselves relying on their own wits and skills at some point in their lives. Whether it’s in college under the protective wing of Residence Life, in the military serving overseas, or entering the job market; they are alone. They live away from family without a father, boyfriend, or husband to provide for or protect them.

For some women, this is a nightmare. They don’t know how to budget their money, change the oil or a tire on their cars, switch out a light fixture, put together flat-pack furniture, or do other typically masculine jobs. They muddle through life until either a man comes along to save them or they make enough money to pay someone to handle these tasks for them.

Don’t get me wrong–there is nothing wrong with hiring someone to fix your cabinets, paint your walls, or snake your drain. (Not like that.) In fact, I have a handyman that I call for a lot of our home maintenance projects because he can do it faster and cheaper than I can. It doesn’t change the fact that I can do most of these jobs if I have to.

Lynn Daue

I am a freelance travel and lifestyle journalist. My travel articles are regional in scope, primarily in the mid-Atlantic region. My lifestyle articles include pieces on parenting and health and have been published in print and online. I am a member of the Maryland Writers Association and the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association. Please visit for more (and join me on Mission:2013)!

  1. I’ll be honest with you. I’m stubborn. I refuse to be a damsel who needs a man to do things for her. I know how to take things apart and put them back together. If I am involved in a project I can’t understand I stick with the person who does until I’m good at it. I like my independence, and I like know how to do things. Period. I’m glad you’re teaching your children to be independent! It is important to be able to handle being a single entity when they need/want to be.

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