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Ride The High of Accomplishment

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I’m a straight arrow…not too straight, but I’ve led a drug- free life all the same. I know, such a dork. Anyway, the point is that even by leading a drug- free life, I’ve known highs so addicting I knew I’d never give them up. I’m addicted to success. I feed off it, off the high of accomplishment…of doing something only I could. I’m convinced it’s the greatest high there is.

Once you’ve had a taste of success, you want more and more. I can’t imagine that it’s different from any other addiction. I have felt the euphoria of working through writer’s block, of a recipe working out the way it was supposed to and even hosting a party that was successful. It is the little things, the daily accomplishments like having a completely crossed off to-do list that can cause the greatest high.

Feeling this way now and again isn’t enough for me though, and I don’t think it’s enough for you either. Here are some tips for making sure you feel the high of accomplishment as much as humanly possible.

How to Ride the High of Accomplishment

Make a List

Honestly, we don’t know how many times we can tell you how important list making is to success. Just trust us and do it…none of that “I’m not a list maker” stuff…just do it. We suggest you make two lists- one for short term and one for long term goals. It can be anything from “grocery shop, laundry, organize closet, write a new post” to long term goals like “finish novel, save for trip to Italy, learn Greek”.

No matter what is on your short and long term lists, make them, have them accessible and visible and check off items as you go. The power of having items checked off is immeasurable. It allows you to see the progress you have made and it fuels further progress.

Aim High

These lists and these dreams are for you! Not ready to share them with the world? That’s okay. Keep a secret list just for your eyes. No matter who sees your goals though…make them real. Don’t be afraid to admit your truest and most passionate dreams. I’ve been there- afraid to admit what I really wanted in case it never came true. Doing that gets you no closer to accomplishing your goals then you were yesterday.

So you want to be a professional female MMA fighter but are scared that won’t happen? Put it on the list anyway. Make it real, make it permanent, make it tangible.

Plan of Attack

I recommend that you take advantage of the resources you have available to you and start making a plan of attack for that goal.  There is no time like the present. Set your mind to taking steps to get each item on your list done (whether short or long term). Even if it’s mapping out your day so you can get your chores done, having a plan alleviates stress and anxiety.

Whether you need to break down your long-term goals into smaller steps/goals or you are running head long, make a plan and stick to it. Outline it, post it on your mirror and look at it daily. Know where you are going and know in your mind that you will get there.

Accountability and Support

I know I said earlier that you didn’t have to tell anyone about your goals if you weren’t ready, but one of the greatest motivators is the knowledge that others are looking to you to accomplish something. We didn’t institute a goal-setting feature at our new community for nothing. Not only does sharing your goals create accountability, it creates opportunities for others to support and encourage you.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from being a part of The Indie Chicks is that there are a group of women who WANT to be there to support each other, who defy the norm of bitchy and competitive women and who want the very best for you. So, why not harness that support and use it to propel you forward?

Be Tenacious

Most importantly, don’t stop until you’ve crossed every item off that list! It’s okay to re-assess and re-strategize your plan of attack, but don’t stop until you’ve hit your mark. There’s no reason you can’t accomplish all that you’ve set out to, not with the resources available today and the drive inside your soul. You got this!

What got you high recently? What accomplishment left you feeling like you were walking on sunshine?

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