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Perks of Being Single at the Holidays

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There are a ton of women out there who get depressed at the holidays because they don’t have a significant other. Suddenly all the pitfalls of being single are magnified and they begin to panic about being ‘unlovable’, then scamper to find a date to office parties and family gatherings. Oh girl, what are you doing? The holidays aren’t the time to start your desperate search for love. Besides, you’re forgetting about all the perks of being single at the holidays. Yes, you heard me right– there are perks of being single at the holidays.

Party Time Perks

Sure, it’s always nice to go with somebody to an office party or get together, but there are definitely perks of being single at the holidays. It’s great to be paired up if you’re looking for a promised drink filler and kiss at midnight but there are plenty of ticks on the pro side of going stag to these events.

Men Everywhere

Unless you are going to a specific couples evening there is a great chance that there are going to be good looking, if not interesting, single men there. If you scramble for a random date, one you probably don’t like all that much, then you limit your ability to get to know those potential matches. Get your mingle on, girl. Plus those random last minute dates don’t typically end well.

There are always one or two single chicks at every party and they are the girls that all the available men flock to. That chick can be you if you’re bold enough to head to a party solo.


We’ve all taken a last minute date to a work party with an open bar and ended up having to carry our date to the car, or worse, off your hot, married, female boss. It’s not their work function so they don’t have to stay sober enough to not embarrass themselves, and they don’t really care if they embarrass you since you’re not really dating. Can you say, ‘recipe for disaster’?

If they’re not drunk and grinding on your office’s 79 year old secretary then chances are they’re going to be glued to your side because they know nobody. You’ll have to navigate conversation in awkward directions just to get them involved, “Oh Tina, remember that vacation you took to England a while back, well Chris is Scottish. Isn’t that crazy?” Um, what? One of the greatest perks of being single at the holidays is being able to enjoy yourself at these gatherings and not worry about whether or not your date is comfortable.

Gift Giving

Yeah, it’s nice to get some jewelry (if that’s your thing) or a specially thought out gift from your man, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband at the holidays, in fact, it’s kind of awesome.

Saving Money

Men are all about the newest toys and ‘toys’ these days are pricey. I always spend more money on gifts for men than I do on gifts for women. They are less about the sentiment behind a gift and more about making sure the gift giving is of equal monetary standing. At least that has been my experience. So a perk of being single at the holidays is that you can either bank more money or splurge on something nice for yourself after you’ve done all your shopping for others.

Guilt Free

When I was in relationships at the holidays I often held, or hid, my excitement over certain gifts. No, I’m not squealing over my Hermione wand. Nope, I didn’t tear up at getting a new journal from a family member who didn’t always support my writing. I’ve had boyfriends tell me I was silly for asking for certain ‘frivolous’ things before. Excuse me, but I work damn hard to buy the things I want, which means that anything I get at the holidays is a bonus and yes, I want frivolous things sometimes. So, enjoy the perk of being single at the holidays and don’t worry about asking for Love Actually, a new throw blanket, and chocolates. Enjoy, girl!

Being in love around the holidays is great but life is all about how you spin it. You’re single, that’s a fact. Rushing to remedy your solo status, out of some misguided sense of holiday obligation, is just silly. Look at the perks of being single at the holidays and I bet you’ll have a freaking blast.

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