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The Beauty of Being Alone

My twenties were filled with a constant flow of romantic relationships. Three years with this one. A year spent over there. Three years with another. I had a chronic case of serial monogamy. After I began dating at age sixteen, … Read More

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Worst Christmas Gifts Ever

The countdown to Christmas is in full swing and as each day passes the excitement of what might be waiting under the tree grows. Sure we’re not exactly waiting to hear Santa’s footsteps on our roofs, and we might be … Read More

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Truth Hour: I Hate the Holidays

It’s the season of joy, of family, of giving and of peace on Earth. Yes, it’s the holiday season—the season of materialism, fake seasons greetings and annoying family members. It’s the time of year when, if you’re single, you’re reminded … Read More

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Work Hard and Stay Humble

As many of you are finally able to put your brains to rest, saying sayonara to those all-nighters with red bulls and wrapping up finals week, remember two things: stay humble and go kick ass in life. Graduating is a … Read More

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Confessions Vol78

“I’m sitting fireside at Panera enjoying a hot chocolate and a scone-relaxing. Then this chick is Facetiming her friend from her phone, no earbuds in, and there’s a screaming kid in the background and they’re talking loudly. It was so … Read More

how to handle a grinch, handle a grinch, grinch, christmas, the indie chicks, happy holidays, season, winter, christmas time, mean, holidays Friendship, Lifestyle

How to Handle a Grinch

You’re singing while you stroll around your house, decked out with garland, twinkle lights, and mistletoe and your friend is grumbling about the commercialism of the holidays. You have somebody complaining that Christmas is starting too early and another who … Read More

how to be a problem solver, problem solver, the indie chicks, problems, guide, how-to, lifestyle Attitude, Take Charge

How to Be a Problem Solver

There are days when it feels like life has thrown you every annoying curve ball it could possibly find to throw at you. You know those days; your blow dryer broke before your hair was dry, you can’t find your … Read More

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Sexism in Nerd Culture

Nerd culture has become more mainstream with comics, books and video games alike being turned into popular movies, but what has not changed is sexism within the community. Sadly, if you walk into a video game or comic bookstore, you … Read More