forcing him

Stop Forcing Him to Love you

Ladies, I gotta tell you, I’m having a hard time reading these “dating advice” websites you browse. Why? Every article I come across shares the same theme: Make Him Fall in Love with You Fast! This is followed by the…


Introducing Our Summer 2014 Cover Girl

With Indie Chick magazine hitting stores mid June, it’s finally time to reveal this issue’s cover! This is what you’ll be seeing on Barnes & Noble magazine racks and, if you’re as badass as we know you are, on your coffee table this summer….

Emma stone

Emma Stone: Feminist Role Model

“It’s feminine, how?” Those three words sparked headlines all across the globe and made feminists throw their hands up in praise for the amazing Emma Stone. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve already heard what took place when her…

kick fear in face

How to Kick Fear in the Face

As I walked over to the car I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. “I don’t want to do this,” I kept repeating in my head. When my boyfriend, Jeff saw that I was about to unload Niagara…

he left

He Left Because You’re Awful

Did you think that this website was going to be all hand holding and coddling? Well, you were dead wrong. We want to inspire, motivate, and help you lead the best life possible and that means being honest with you. We…


Get What You Want without Being a Bitch

We’ve all seen it. The woman at the sales counter that can be described in no nicer terms than “raging bitch”. You know, the one who appears to get off on belittling the minimum-wage earning sales clerk for not taking her…