Booze and You: When Alcohol Happens

We’re all grown ups here, right? A couple of drinks can really loosen you up. But what happens when things get sloppy on your first date? In your relationship? What could booze and you do to a recovering breakup?  Is…


Let Go of Baggage Once and for All

The sting of rejection and lost love can haunt you…if you let it. Some women cling to the pain and let it harden them. They use it like a shield from life and love, a self-imposed and self-righteous prison of sorts….


Embrace Life at any Age

Age is just a number. If this saying is true, then why are children taught that it isn’t polite to ask a lady her age? Apparently, it is ok for gentleman to reveal how old he is, but it is…


How to Find New Inspiration

Whether you’re an artist, a musician or a writer, you are constantly searching for inspiration, probing for the fuel to stoke the fires of life. Finding the right muse can mean the start to a new novel, the masterpiece in…


Women Are Complex and It’s Beautiful

While talking to a male friend of mine, he accused me of being “complex”, but in a tone that implied it was a bad thing. I was taken aback because I really didn’t expect him to view that quality negatively….


Tips for Everyday Networking

I know networking and talking to people you’re not too familiar with can be scary. I do presentations on networking and professional etiquette. One of the things I always touch on are tips for networking and how important it is. According…