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Dumb Relationship Quotes Women Believe

With all the bad relationship advice out there, women are beginning to really buy into these unrealistic ideas of what a relationship takes. Memes with relationship quotes about the perfect man and the perfect relationship raise expectations without necessarily raising…

Signs your relationship may not be as strong as it is

Signs Your Relationship May Need Help

You may think your relationship is solid as a rock. However, heavy lifting is required to go the distance. All may be bliss now but that doesn’t mean there aren’t signs of trouble ahead. How do you know if your…


Seriously Genius Ways to Advertise With The Indie Chicks!

It’s no secret that we’ve busted our asses to grow The Indie Chicks into what it is today. Hell, we’re still at it and have no plans to stop… ever. And now that we’re comfortable introducing advertising opportunities, we’re still making you a priority….


Do This & Get Promoted

When it comes to making your dream career come true, you have one of two choices: venture out and do it indie style, or if the field calls for it, stick around and join the race to the top. Although…

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Don’t Ask. Act!

We spend years of our lives, countless sleepless nights, and more worry than we should trying to figure out who we are, what we’re meant to do, or what our purpose here is. We worry about what we should do,…


Confessions Vol54

“I chose my boyfriend over my career. I had an amazing career opportunity, which involved me moving to a different country for a few years and I turned it down because I didn’t want to be away from him. At…