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“My husband and I have been trying for a second baby for 6 months now. OK, so we weren’t very intense about it for the first 3 or 4. But I am getting nervous. I’ll find out in just over … Read More

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Embrace Your Inner Submissive

Due to the recent popularity of the Fifty Shades books, the once taboo and underground D/s (Dominant/submissive) lifestyle has been brought to the surface and into the light of popularity. Of course with popularity comes misunderstanding. Contrary to some popular opinions, … Read More

donttaketheoffensive Love and Sex, Relationships

Don’t Go on the Offensive

It’s time for another Relationship Quick Tip and this week we’re talking about something that too many do in relationships-going on the offensive. Stop plotting out the offensive and start looking at yourself as a part of a team. So … Read More

resting nice face Attitude, Perception

Resting Nice Face

You’ve already heard me talk about Resting Bitch Face, a lot, and the struggle is real for those with naturally annoyed faces—but it’s not smooth sailing for those of us with resting nice face. Okay, resting nice face may not … Read More

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Don’t Be Afraid to Fall

Sometimes things must break to rebuild stronger. You have to fall completely down to slowly build yourself back up. Fear is sometimes the best motivator, and each and every one of us can learn from it if we choose to. … Read More

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Confessions Vol81

“My ex was an emotionally and physically abusive cruel man who messed my head up six ways from Sunday but lord, do I miss the sex. The crying, broken belongings, destroyed ego and demolished social life were ALMOST a fair trade … Read More

realness Attitude, Perception

Let’s Start Celebrating Realness

I enjoy watching movies. I enjoy reading books. I enjoy television, the occasional magazine, and many other aspects of popular culture that are devoid of realness. “So… what is the problem?” you ask. Well, the problem is that these entertainment-related … Read More