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Success Is

Success is simple. Success is happiness. Success is fulfillment. Success is living a full life (in love, family, career, and all things that fuel you). Success is not a complicated end game. It’s not an unattainable goal that you strive…


Confessions Vol57

“I have a mad crush on one of my clients. He needs to know that all women do not cheat and are not all about money and wish I could show him. However, he’s too busy getting over the fact…


Saturday Link-Up

Time for Link-up Saturday! We know you’re a busy little badass, but that shouldn’t mean missing out on articles you love every week, should it?  We’re putting together this week’s best reads for you so you don’t have to go…


Booze and You: When Alcohol Happens

We’re all grown ups here, right? A couple of drinks can really loosen you up. But what happens when things get sloppy on your first date? In your relationship? What could booze and you do to a recovering breakup?  Is…


Let Go of Baggage Once and for All

The sting of rejection and lost love can haunt you…if you let it. Some women cling to the pain and let it harden them. They use it like a shield from life and love, a self-imposed and self-righteous prison of sorts….