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When Dudes Cry

I’m a dude. Being a dude, I really shouldn’t admit to crying. And quite honestly, I don’t cry too often. I can only remember crying when my grandmother, grandfather, and Best Buddy, Jarrod, died. But that’s it. Oh wait. I…

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9 Ways to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Suck Less

Since most people can’t empathize with how painful, frustrating and miserable a long distance relationship can be, they tend to say all the wrong things. “Well, is he going to move here?” “How do you know he’s not cheating?” “No…


Embracing Your Inner Badass While Making Changes

There’s a comfortable sequence to life – you know … The one that goes from high school to college, to the coveted white picket fence. A sequence that seems pretty tempting when it comes with a promise or little to no struggle….


4 Frenemies You Can’t Go Without

Frenemies, the friends we love to hate. Sure, you kind of wish you could rip out her hair or punt her in the vagina, but you don’t. Why? Obviously it’s not out of the goodness of your heart. No, you…


You Need a Kick in the Teeth

We’ve all been knocked down, tested, stressed, and at our breaking point. We’ve all been low. We’ve been broken. It hurts, it sucks, but we pick ourselves up again. Why? Cause we’re gluttons for punishment or masochistic? No, we get…


The Selfie: Where Do You Stand?

The selfie. A cute name for social media self-portraits usually taken with a smartphone, in grandma’s bathroom. It’s the love-child birthed from MySpace and some other nameless social sites from the late 90s that we can only assume was in…