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girlsdifferentfromguys Dating, Love and Sex

5 Ways Men are Different From Women

Besides the obvious working parts, and the fact that men are physically incapable of changing a toilet paper roll, our genders have infinite differences. The way we think, act and feel can be worlds away, so it’s no wonder why … Read More

shutterstock_127957499-670x325 Confessions, More

Confessions Vol86

“Death dramatically changes a person. I’m currently experience the change and I feel like my friends and family don’t “get” me anymore. I feel like a different person and I want to live a different life. I also want only … Read More

relationshipjumper Dating, Love and Sex

5 Relationship Jumper Myths Debunked

Ever since high school, I’ve been in a number of relationships. Some short-term, some long-term, but they all helped shape who I am today and what kind of traits I admire in a man. Relationships change because people change. People … Read More

dateamodernwoman Dating, Love and Sex

How to Date the Modern Woman

  What’s it like to date the modern woman? I’m not talking about just any woman, I’m talking about that badass millennial who is out there making moves. She’s strong and bold, and in most cases, gives no fucks. She’s … Read More