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Confessions Vol 119

“If loving my sweetened passionfruit tea lemonade from Starbucks is wrong then I don’t want to be right. …


Weekly Must Read

Be Kind to Strange Women

There’s something about receiving kindness from another woman that always hits harder than when it comes from a man. We expect this from men, wheth…


10 Ways to Love Your Body

Five years ago I starved myself, threw up after meals, and obsessively exercised to make my body look a certain way. I was obsessed with fitting in…


Can Lesbians Be Chauvinists

It was about 10pm when I decided to attend the tent party at a local lesbian bar. I had spent all day being my out-and-proud lesbian self…


Supporting Friends Through Hard Times

Supporting friends is something we’ve all done, through the good and the bad. When a friend tells you they are sick, that they’re d…

DIY Fall Decorations

2 Besties, 2 Bottles of Wine, and Endless Creativity What do you ge…