My Superhero of Choice and Why Yours Sucks

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Up in the sky, crawling on walls, cruising the streets they’re everywhere and nowhere and we can’t get enough of em’. The past few years have been packed with superheroes and this summer we’ve had more than our fair share, but we can’t love them all! Your boyfriend has one, your dad has one,  you probably have one but let me tell you my superhero of choice and why yours sucks.

Superhero 101

Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a sucker for a cape and gadgets; I love a good comic or graphic novel and I like my villains gritty. I mean who doesn’t like superheroes, they’re the unassuming loser, the disgruntled orphan, the geek of the school, but give them a mask and they’re out there saving the day and fighting crime. With the recent rebirth of several superhero franchises the worlds got superheroes on the brain, is it any wonder? Superheroes come from societies need for order, for a sense of right and wrong and a desire for the belief that good people do exist and will help without asking anything in return. In a time when it seems like nothing is going right and unemployment is at an all-time high everyone can use a little Superhero power.

Batman’s My Man

I’ve loved Batman since I was 3, there’s photo of me wearing Batman earrings in a school performance if you don’t believe me. I’d like to think that my mother’s womb was the bat cave and I was in there training for my debut. Why do I love Batman so much? Because he’s better than everyone else? No, well yes, but my love comes from an understanding of the character and in some ways I’ve always related to him.  He’s a loner with a hard past and not many people he can trust, god bless Alfred. He’s the anti-hero, he’s just a man, sure he’s got money, but he hasn’t been genetically enhanced. He’s got to use his brains and train his body in order to achieve success. Not to mention that every one of his nemesis’ are fabulously psychotic. I mean come on, The Joker, Bane, Scarecrow, Catwoman, Hush, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, The Riddler, Two Face, who else has villain’s that make you question your sanity! Despite his stoic exterior Batman cares for the people of Gotham and doesn’t need massive amounts of adoration.

I Could Be His Sidekick

I’m die-hard when it comes to Batman, so much so that seeing the Man of Steel movie felt wrong deep in my heart. Many times have I had to fight for my man, you want to battle let’s go, I’ll tell you why all the others suck: TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) they live in a sewer and are led by a rat, yeah try it. Superman, so you put on glasses and no one can tell who you are? Overall good guy whose just the bee’s knees boring! Spiderman, I can’t, I hate spiders so there’s that, but you are a whiner. MAN UP, stop chasing Mary Jane and deal with life after the high school bullies. X-men, there’s too many to breakdown but I’ll give you Wolverine.  I could go on and I welcome you to challenge me, stand by your hero! I’ll always stand by my batty man but here’s the thing, don’t come to a battle without being prepared those of us in the comic community will rip you a new one if all your knowledge is based on movies alone, while we can love them the comics are where the true story lies.

Who’s your superhero of choice?

Renee Claybion

Renee's knack for telling it like it is and looking at life with a bit of humor gives her a unique voice and perspective. Renee can be found singing at the top of her lungs in LA traffic, enjoying her favorite horror films and playing around with her rambunctious 8 year old son Aidan.

  1. I don’t have a super hero to battle you on but I DID have a huge debate with the kids I nanny for about who would win in a fight, Spiderman, Batman, or Wolverine. A couple kids said Batman but I contend that Wolverine takes all. After all, Batman is human and Wolverine heals himself and has giant metal claws.

    I can’t wait to see the debate rage in the comment section of this one. 😉

    1. Jewels, I’ve had this battle with both and Aidan and Brett, Brett always goes with TMNT and Aidan is all Hulk. The best part of having a superhero fav are the intense debates it encourages!

  2. I’m new to the comic world, admittedly. However, my favorite is Iron Man, and no, it’s not because of the movies. Like Batman, he’s just a man. He’s a man in a suit, and he has his intelligence as his sidekick. I liked reading his transformation over the years as he struggles with what is right. Plus, the man has had so many heart problems/health conditions (even paralyzed at one point) and is still living, so that’s pretty badass. He is vulnerable, has battled alcoholism, and is still trying to fight the good fight. He may not always make the right choices, and Civil War showed how much arrogance and egos can clash into something horrific (him vs Captain America, for example). I like him because he is human, and he is flawed. I could go on and on, but he is definitely my favorite.

    1. I agree, I’m an Iron Man fan as well, he and Batman have similar personalities. Marvel’s answer to DC Batman, even within the Avengers and Justice League they have similar anti-hero personas. Now the question is who would win Batman or Iron Man?

  3. Love this, Renee! I remember your design for the Gotham city back tattoo (Which I hope you’re still planning). I don’t personally have a favorite, having never been a comics reader.. but I will say that every movie I see, I get super amped and leave wishing I was that superhero. Like, even the Hulk. lol

  4. You’re my new hero, Renee. Most girls wouldn’t have the moxie to write about superheroes, much less with pride. Well done!
    And the Dark Knight is the best. Period.

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