Movember: A Facial Hair Lover’s Dream Cause


If you are anything like me, I can’t resist a guy with some impressive facial hair. I am personally partial to beards, particularly the ones that are about halfway between a five o’clock shadow and a lumberjack’s mane. But, a well executed mustache can be mysterious and alluring as well.

I have always thought that this little obsession of mine was harmless. Apparently that isn’t entirely true. Most of the men I have dated and requested to go au natural, were less than enthused to comply. Supposedly, it get’s itchy and uncomfortable under there after a while, and left overs just aren’t as enjoyable when they have been hiding in your face bush.

So, I was beginning to feel a little selfish in my beard bossiness. I was even on the verge of running out and buying shaving gel to pass out to the men in my life in solace. Until I was informed about Movember that is. I had heard the term before, but was unaware of any details. I originally thought that it was a spinoff of No Shave November,  when actually the opposite is true.

Movember is a cause for men’s health and more specifically a platform for raising awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. The idea is to draw attention to the cause by encouraging the growth of glorious mustaches throughout the month of November. For one whole month I can stop feeling guilty for attempting to force the men of my life to go all Tom Selleck. Can you see me bouncing up and down yet at the thought? Where else would I rather be but smack dab in the middle of a bunch of blossoming mouth brows?

It will be awesome for facial fuzz fanatics like me to watch as the lip locks grow, but how can an indie chick participate? We can make sure the dudes get some lovin’ for their efforts. Let’s encourage our boyfriends, friends and family to participate in Movember and motivate them with a big mustache adorned smooch (even if it is just on the cheek). You can also find tons of other ways to participate as a “Mo Sista” on the official Movember website:

Fellow bloggers out there should pay attention too. Bloggers for Movember ( is a group that was formed by the talented WordPress blogger Eric Robillard ( who has worked on the Movember campaign in the past and is creating buzz again this year. He has thought up a way for us bloggers to engage in the process by joining teams on the Movember site, using our blogs as a voice and participating in contests to help raise money in the form of donations. All of the official details will be posted on his site, so stay tuned and be sure to read his original post about Movember as well. (

Get ready to prep your man’s face with a nice shave come November 1st to support this sexy cause. We want our men to have balls… and keep them.

Rebecca Cord

Becca Cord is a twenty-something year old southern ballerina turned Marketing professional. Having lived in Louisiana her entire life, she is utterly fixated on her goal of eventually moving somewhere new while pursuing a career in writing and/or social media marketing. She believes one of her callings is making people laugh, and she intends to do so.

  1. Indie Chicks,
    Thanks for linking to this from Le Clown’s blog. You’re right about Becca; she’s a great writer that her followers can’t get enough of. I am lucky to be one of those loyal subjects. Now that Le Clown has introduced The Indie Chicks to his horde, expect a wave of lunacy! Love this site!

  2. Yay for hairy men :) I love my Hubby’s ‘tache and beard and this is such a good cause. I will consider myself a Mo Sista next year and, as he already has, help him grow a ZZ Top Styleee!!! (maybe, she says losing enthusiam slightly ..) Off to check out your blog now, yay for The Indie Chicks too for finding such awesome writers.

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