Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Picky Mom


I’ll admit it, when it comes to giving my beloved Mother gifts, I get nervous. Like you, I want to get my Momma something she loves. Luckily, my Mom’s appreciative with whatever she’s received, but I can relate to how difficult it is to give a gift to a woman who has everything she could want or need.

This year, I want to help you personalize your Mother’s Day gift for your Mom. If your Mama is picky when it comes to presents, here are Top 10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for a Picky Mom.

1. Spa Day

What constantly exhausted Mother doesn’t want a spa day? Buy a package complete with mani, pedi, massage, and whatever revitalizes and re-energizes your Momma and top it off with a dinner out on you. Use Spafinder to find the most luxurious spa nearby.

2. Home Made Fabulousness

If you’re crafty, put together a scrapbook, create a bookmark, make coasters. The edge of your imagination is the limit! Sometimes, making something means so much more than swiping that plastic. Here’s some Crafty inspiration.

3. iPad, iPod, Electronics

For those of us who have a higher budget and little time, buying Mom electronics can be just what the doctor ordered. Get her connected if she isn’t already. Head over to the Apple Store to give Mom a tech gift.

4. Night Out with Friends

Chances are, Mom’s busy with life and sees her friends less often than she’d like. Treat her to a night out with her friends on your tab. That’s a gift every Mom would like. Check out to treat her out to dinner

5. Beauty Products

Anti-aging everything is the craze nowadays. Chances are your Mother wants to age as gracefully and beautifully as possible. For amazing beauty products, check out Beauty Society.

6. Concert Tickets

Which bands make your Mom feel like dancing? Find out and treat her to a show. She’ll love you for it. Sites like Stubhub and Ticket Liquidator always have cheap concert tickets.

7. Send Her Away for a Weekend

Who wouldn’t want a mini-vaca? I’m sure your Momma would love it! Even if it means sending her for a weekend home to see her family alone, send her somewhere special. Cheap Tickets can take her there.

8. Classes or Certification

What’s that passion your Mom’s always wanted to fulfill but never had the chance because life got in the way? Whether she ‘s passionate about nutrition, which she can study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, or needs to explore the possibilities and find her niche (check out Education Connection), getting her juices flowing about her future in and of itself is a gift.

9. Tiffany’s

Every woman deserves Tiffany & Co. at some point. From rings to necklaces, mugs to tote bags, seeing that blue box always makes a girl’s heart skip a beat. Tiffany’s is the gift one loves to give and receive, regardless of how picky the recipient is.

10. Gift Card

This is the easiest go-to gift for a picky Mom. Customize your gift card or send a standard design at

Hopefully these tips will help you figure out a last-minute ideas for a Mother’s Day gift for a picky Mom.


Roni is a fitness freak, she writes and utilizes most of her free time helping others find their bliss. She's furthered that love by getting certified as a life coach recently.

  1. My father makes it real simple by leaving fishing magazines lying around with items circled but my mother, not so much. She goes the “Don’t spend your money” route and it can be infuriating. Luckily my family is pretty big on spending quality time together instead of spending money. Taking her out to a dinner, or joining her on errands, or sharing a bottle of wine while we catch up is much preferred to anything fancy. She’d probably pitch a holy fit and demand that anything I purchased from Tiffany’s be taken back, immediately young lady. lol. Great list.

    1. You’re super blessed to have a big family. Sooner than later, Momma won’t blink about receiving whatever in the world you choose to give her. We know why. 😉

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