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Renee is our Co-Founder, Head of Human Resources and Creative Manager. She’s a beacon of badassery and our resident no nonsense chicka. If you could be a fly on the screens of our Google+ chats you’d see it, too. For now…you can get to know her a bit better with this great Spotlight. Meet Renee Claybion.

Renee Claybion, The Indie Chicks, Spotlight, Co-Founder, Creative DirectorWe want to know who you are…tell us about yourself.

I’m Renee. I was born in Scotland and moved around with my parents a lot when I was young; I lived in France and Argentina before we settled here in Los Angeles. I’ve been lucky and have been able to travel to many different countries because of my large family and the different heritages of my parents. That’s helped contribute to my love of history and love for travel. I find even the smallest things about different cultures so interesting and would love to travel and live among different groups of people and photograph different urban cultures around the world.

Now I live in Los Angeles and love it, even though the traffic sucks sometimes, its still such a beautiful city with so much to offer. I have a 7-year-old son who amazes me everyday and sometimes outsmarts me. I’ve been with my boyfriend Brett for 9 years, we met in high-school on the bus and were friends before finally getting together…we’ve been together ever since. I used to tease him that we’d make a pretty baby one day and we did.

I’m an adventurous spirit and can’t wait to see where my life takes me!

You and Chiara came up with the idea that blossomed into The Indie Chicks. Tell us what that process was like.

You know its funny, I was at work one day, bored out of my mind and Chiara and I were talking via Skype. We started talking about her site ChiaraSays and she said come over. So, I told my boss I had gas, packed up, and shot over to her apartment. We ordered a pizza, cleared her white board, and starting talking about what we’d like to see in a site. Oddly enough it started as sort of an expansion of ChiaraSays but then we realized we were talking about something really big! After a few hours we had this amazing idea and we’ve been building on it ever since. It’s a constant evolution and with the addition of new team members we’ve been able to grow this amazing beast. It makes my blood pump and breathes new life into me everyday!

What is your hope for people who come to this site, what do you hope they get out of it?

You know, I’m constantly amazed at the different types of people that come to the site. My biggest hope was always that what Chiara and I were talking about and dreamed about would resonate with many different types of people. That what we thought was awesome would really impact and affect others in a positive way! I hope that our readers feel a sense of community when they visit our site. I hope they see that we’re just regular girls with a voice and that we’re proud of others with a voice.

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie is Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of The Indie Chicks. She's working on publishing her first book, a collection of short stories, and writing a young adult novel series. Other loves include whiskey, the Flyers, and anything LOTR, Harry Potter, or Young Adult Lit. Don't be shy about following her on Instagram or emailing her to discuss contributing to The Indie Chicks.

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