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chiara mazzucco

You are in for a freaking treat! It’s finally time to Spotlight our CEO and badass leader, Chiara Mazzucco! We certainly saved the best for last because Chiara is our fearless leader and constant motivator. I wish you could all sit in on one of our team meetings and experience the passion she has for this company and our readers, because I know you’d leave as inspired and pumped as we do. A team is only as strong as their leader and since you are all Indie Chicks (or Dicks) it’s only fair you should know your leader a little better.

luca jaeTell us about yourself

I’m a Capricorn in my mid 20’s, married to someone I never expected to meet, mom to an awesome little year and a half year dude, apparently a self taught web and graphic designer and an Italian immigrant. I own books on entrepreneurship, comedic romance novels, and teen fantasy like Dangerous Angels. I love my TV shows and usually enjoy watching everything in marathon form, I have 5 tattoos, I’m a big fan of everything 90’s, and I wrote a reality slap self-help book on love induced illusions. Hair metal cheers me up and I could live off of chocolate and coffee if given the opportunity.


chiara and jason

We want to know what makes you tick? Where did all this passion come from?

Honestly? It’s either from my parents and their crazy supportive,  entrepreneurial, independent spirit or from everyone who didn’t believe I’d amount to anything by not going to college. Or maybe it’s from seeing a bunch of people I know live their life in the same place without a hunger to move forward, nestled in cocaine and club music. Either way, something made this drive tick and I’m thankful for it. I’ll probably know more about it when I get older but until then, I’m okay being consumed by this mysterious ambition and overwhelming passion for this project.

Give us 5 words that describe you and how they influence your daily life.

Overly Ambitious – I live and breathe my passions to the point of occasionally neglecting basic needs like eating, peeing and showering. I don’t know if I’m making up for lost time.. all I know is that I am ruled by my need to succeed and create something beautiful for others to enjoy.

Wise – This has plagued me, and I’m not even sure ‘wise’ is the right word. My closest friends have always been older than me and I’ve always had trouble connecting to souls my age. {I’m only talking 3-8 years older}. The gap doesn’t seem like much now, being 26, but even just a few years ago, this quality wouldn’t let me make the kind of decisions my friends were making – and have the kind of fun they were having- and it drew a really huge brick wall between us. And though I had my share of bad decisions and ‘fun’, it kind of decided my life and circle of friends for me, even when I didn’t want it to.

Self – I’ve always been a very ‘selfy’ kind of person. Shit, The Indie Chicks is the most solid proof I have of this. For whatever reasons, I spent many of my teen years leaning on myself for comfort. Rape, multiple broken hearts, bad friendships and moving around… all moments of chaos I had to build myself up for support. Everything I do and write, all the advice I wrote in my book The 9 Mirages of Love, even the confrontations I deal with in my own world – everything centers around the individual. I’m a big believer in the ‘self’, the path of ‘self’ discovery, and doing everything you can to build yourself up strong to deal with the curve balls life throws your way. My saying has always been: You are the only common denominator in your life, nothing else is guaranteed.

Silly – Like, first on the dance floor, sing out of cars, loud laugh and jokes that make everyone feel uncomfortable. That kind of silly.

Headstrong – When a thought or a feeling implants itself in my brain, much like a parasite, there is no budging it. Jason always makes fun of me. We could be in the middle of a conversation and if I decide I am ready for bed, I turn off and grumpy – a complete 180. If I want me-time, I pout and sometimes even cry if I don’t get it. If I decide I’m going to do something, I first make myself believe I already have, then I write and rewrite to do lists on making it happen. My mind is super powerful.. sometimes it’s kind of my arch-nemesis.


What moved you to create The Indie Chicks?

I had a need and I assumed other women had it, too. I was mesmerized by the power of blogging and when Renee mentioned we should extend my dating advice blog, ChiaraSays, to something bigger, we knew this had to be its own entity. We craved to be inspired by women making their dreams come true; to be motivated by strength and to be supported by others who understood the journeys we had embarked on as women. Building a community for that support, featuring amazing women willing to share their secrets, and motivating each other to be the best version of ourselves was exactly what we needed – we just hoped there were others who needed it, too.



Straight from The Indie Chicks company to our readers, just like we like it. When we have something to say as a group, this is how we do it. Enjoy, badasses.

  1. Ciao Chiara, mi ha fatto piacere scoprire questo blog, l’idea è davvero molto stimolante per le giovani donne, e centrate in pieno il “be inspired” di cui parlate!
    Magari riuscissi a dare la giusta “motivation & ambition” con il mio blog!
    You inspired me 😉

  2. Chiara,
    You are such an inspiration to me. When I read the articles on this blog I get really pumped up in my day, even if it’s been a doozy of one. Thanks for helping to make this site a place for people to build each other up in their lives! It is much needed.

    1. Rene! Just to hear our site has that kind of an amazing affect on our community members makes all the hard work worth it. Thank you for being such a solid part of this community, both contributing and supporting the rest of us! You’re amazing.

  3. Chiara, you are such an amazing and beautiful person, both inside and out. This place, and you, have become an inspiration to my daily life. I’ve been pushed to better myself and motivated to make dreams my reality. I relate to you in so many ways you have listed, from being a Capricorn (which makes us headstrong women already) to being a ‘selfy’ kind of person (also in many ways you have listed). Thank you for helping to create this community, as I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say it has been a blessing.

    1. From the moment you walked into our IC lives, Ashley, I knew there was something about you that connected us beyond our mutual love for this message. To find out you’re a Cap, too!? Well then, it ALL makes sense! Thank you for such kind words of support and also validating that the hard work isn’t all for nothing. You are the epitome of the woman we celebrate on this site. Thank you for being such an incredible part of this community.

  4. Bella Chiara!! I adore that picture of you where you’re standing under the leaves :) I loved reading this! Your beautiful badass independence just oozes out of you and it’s amazing to see how you make things happen. I have no doubts at all that you will turn everything you touch into gold ^_^ You’re inspiring soooo many ladies to be a better Indie Chick and that is an amazing thing! Keep on doing what you’re doing!!

    Loved reading about you!

    1. Thank you, TJ! We do this for women like you – passionate, talented, driven individuals who thrive with the support of likeminded individuals. Seriously though, your comment made me smile from ear to ear. Thank you so much for such kind (badass) words!

  5. Chiara,
    You appear to have all the qualities of a natural-born Indie Chick:
    Nerdiness. (The cowl never looked so sexy!)
    In short, you seem like the perfect leader for a cool group of kick-ass chicks intent on conquering the web! And the world.
    It has been an honor to write for your site and I hope to do so again soon.
    The Hook.

    1. First of all, powdered toast man? You NEED to be a part of this community with that name alone because it’s incredible. Secondly, you don’t need an inner woman to join us; you need an inner badass or the desire to find and embrace it. So there you go, welcome home, toast.

  6. A great article. You’re very wise for your young self. :)

    I connected with you when you said, “…I’ve always had trouble connecting to souls my age.” I have the same problem. It seems you have found yourself and know what you want. It was great learning a little more about you.


    1. I think on some level, many of us do. That’s why finding each other here has really been an incredible experience for so many women!

      I have definitely ‘started’ finding myself and realizing what I want.. but there’s a lot more waiting for me!

  7. Chiara,

    I’ll never forget the day you scheduled a phone chat with lil’ ol’ me and gave me the amazing privilege of joining this incredible team of women. Your ambition is inspiring and has kept me motivated to forge ahead in all my endeavors. Thank you for being yourself and sharing your amazing talents with everyone on them internets. To the web, and beyond!

    All my <3,

    1. That phone call was a fucking rush. It was incredible. Two souls connecting .. barely knowing one another yet knowing they belonged together and needed to make magic happen, hand in hand. I knew you were a part of us.. we just needed to get you in!

      Can “To the web and beyond” become a part of some project of ours, or did you steal that from somewhere? :)

  8. I don’t know what to say. I’m giving you the slow clap and head nod of approval. Your attitude and ambition have routinely jumped off these pages so much so that what I read here I already happily knew. I’m enjoying what you’re doing now and looking forward to what is to come. And, I’m happy to call myself an Indie Chick.

    1. Thank you, Roxanne! I really hoped none of the above would come as a surprise to any of our existing badasses… if so, I haven’t done a good enough job at getting our message out there. Let’s get some more of your brilliance onto the site, please!

  9. So pleased to get to know you a little better! Thanks for giving all of us badass women, goal setters life lovers a place to vent, to share, to love, and to live! You are an amazing force, and an incredible inspiration. :)

      1. Chiara –

        Coming into this site, I felt like I was cheating Life again. Just when I thought I may have to act like a boring grown-up, I walked into this place and saw that seeking strength can be fun and sexy, not just something reserved for people that wear polyester knickers! The sky is the limit!! Thank you, Doll!

  10. I LOVE this profile! Amazing piece, Chiara, and thank you so much for putting the site together. If only more women had this kind of drive, ambition, and direction in their 20s! We’d all be better off.

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