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As many of you know, I am a huge fan of a low-carb diet. When done healthfully and well, a low-carb, gluten free diet can not only help one lose weight, but also aides in healing from very common ailments. I came across Maria Emmerich’s blog and company, Maria Mind Body Health in 2009, when I first began my low-carb journey. I fell in love with Maria’s Recipes, and I can attest that they are delicious as well as nutritious. Let’s get to know our holistic healer better, shall we?

What was the first thing you noticed when you transitioned to your current diet?

The first thing I noticed when I started to eat this way is I finally slept deeper, felt calmer, loved deeper. I know this sounds goofy, but when you are constantly thinking about food, it controls your life and you miss out on all of these beautiful things going on around you. After decades of being told by marketing geniuses that “fat free” was the way to lose weight, eating real fat was scary for me. Now, I understand the biochemical reasons why restricting fat is not the answer. All my life I was taught that good-tasting foods made you fat. It is almost too much to imagine that you can have total satiety while enjoying butter, avocados, grass-fed cheeses and meats, and even sugar-free cheesecake. But it has been over five years and my body feels amazing and I never feel deprived. I traded in a lifetime of over exercising and fat restriction for nutrient-dense fat-filled diet and lost weight in the process.

Maria Emmerich, dietTell us about your company, Maria Mind Body Health.

My company started when my husband lost his job. I was a rock climbing guide making minimum wage and we were planning on starting a family so I didn’t think about my career… I was focused on becoming a mom. But God had different plans. My favorite quote is: “If you want to hear God laugh, just tell him what you have planned.” At the time we were devastated, but now we see that his plans aren’t always what you think you want, but we have seen how his plans were better than what ours were!

What are some diseases/conditions that your clients experienced immediate relief from by changing their diet?

Migraines… I see those all the time, they are really easy to cure:) If you follow my directions!

For those who have chronic illnesses that medicine has not been able to cure, what do you suggest they try?

Inflammation is the stem of all chronic illnesses. So in essence, we need to get rid of the inflammation, not put a band-aid on it! Sugar is the main culprit of inflammation. BUT one misconception is that people are wrongly told to eat healthy “whole grains.” Whole wheat bread is high in sugar, higher than some candy bars and sugary sodas, and some scientists have proven that two slices of whole wheat bread will raise your blood sugar levels as high as if you were eating a candy bar.

Glycemic Index:

White Bread = 69

Whole-grain Bread = 72

Wheat Cereal = 67,

but Table Sugar (sucrose) = 52


Roni is a fitness freak, she writes and utilizes most of her free time helping others find their bliss. She's furthered that love by getting certified as a life coach recently.

  1. Very effective dieting recipes shared here! I’m quite happy to learn proper details about Maria Emmerich diet holistic healer. For dieting effectiveness I’ll try to follow mentioned tips as well. Thanks.

    1. Brad! I hope you’re continuing on this healthy journey. Maria’s fantastic perspective and way to deal with food has helped me, personally, as well. Happy wellness!

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