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Book Love: Happily Ever After

Happily, Self help book, Luann Robinson Hull, I become addicted to self-help books quickly, so I’ve read my fair share of them. However, none have rocked my world quite like Happily Ever After…Right Now by Luann Robinson Hull. Happily encompasses the bases upon which we are taught to seek sources outside of ourselves for joy and happiness. Let’s face it: we all have issues. Deep-rooted, difficult, messy, necessary shit we have to sift through in order to make sense of our lives moving forward. This work teaches how to evolve from the former mode of outdated ways of thinking so that we may fearlessly own our joy and create our own future on our terms.

Luann summons the divine within us. She literally takes you by the hand and teaches you how to un-teach yourself everything you’ve been taught was Truth. If it keeps you from happiness, it can’t possibly be True. That inkling you feel when you’re inspired and want to share your inspiration is part of a collective energy that power us. In other words, when we better ourselves and live out our purpose in joy and happiness, we will inspire the same in others. If you’ve been looking for a breakdown of behavior that doesn’t make any sense to you that keeps you from your happiness and joy, Happily Every After..Right Now is the book for you.

Spotlight: Luann Robinson Hull

The way in which you describe seeking happiness oozes Indie Chick. It literally teaches one how to be independently happy. For those who have always been co-dependent, what is the most important first step that must be taken in order to be happy without needing anyone?

The most important first step to take to move from a need based paradigm to a choice based paradigm, is SELF LOVE. When you are fully loving and honoring yourself, you will recognize your worth. You will be excited about what you have to contribute to the world, and you will be focusing on you and what you can offer and share, rather than on him/her, and what you can get or need from a relationship. When you continue to emphasize your own magnificence, all the while continuing to discover your passions and your gifts, guess who shows up to join you? And if you already have a partner, your emphasis on self-care, self love, will serve to exponentially enhance your current relationship. Watch!

Happily Ever After..Right Now speaks to uncover the divine queen within all of us. What advice do you give to those who have never heard that voice speak to them?

In Chapter 2 of my book, Happily Ever After…Right Now, I talked about this very thing: “No doubt, you have seen and perhaps even know women who have chosen to live in their Magnificence. They exude inner strength and confidence and are respected and admired by others. Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Katherine Hepburn, Eleanor Roosevelt, Maya Angelou, Audrey Hepburn, and Queen Noor of Jordan come to mind. …Imagine yourself as embodying all of the best qualities of those you admire most in the world…”

You may have to dig a little, though most all of us have had some moments of success in emphasizing our inner strength—our queenly nature. Begin to focus on those moments. Be vigilant and unrelenting. You will not listen to negative chatter about how you can’t do this or that. Catch something magnificent about yourself every day—and build your queenly nature from that focus.

You cite many inspirational/metaphysical works within Happily. Which texts/methods do you turn to on a regular basis that sustains your soul?

The Road Less Traveled, written by the Late Scott Peck and published in 1978, is in my view, still one of the best works to provide spiritual insights and traditional psychological information. Peck is the one who came up with the phrase “delay gratification.” He also described love as “the desire for the spiritual growth of another.”

In Michael Singer’s, The Untethered Soul, Singer provides a simple, direct approach on how to uncover your inner world, guiding you through the traps of the ego and into the possibility for inner freedom and ultimate liberation.

Other favorites are Pema Chodron’s The Places that Scare You, the late Henri H.J.M Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love, and John Welwood’s, Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more with Ms. Cheevious. I’ve long believed that you cannot depend on other people for happiness. I love people, I am a social being, and I need other people in my life to be happy but my happiness does not depend WHOLEY on them. I create my universe, my relationships, and my outlook.

    Love everything about this spotlight and book review.

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