Low Self Esteem Days: We All Have Them

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We all have them, low self esteem days. Days when we’re bloated, PMS’ing, or just downright feeling awful about ourselves. Maybe we’ve hurt somebody we love or feel insanely huge as we try to find an outfit for a date. It’s the classic attack of low self esteem.

Low self esteem days happen, to everyone.

Nobody is immune. Not the ‘pretty’, ‘skinny’, ‘wealthy’, or any other “ideal” demographic. Seriously, remind yourself again, there is nobody who doesn’t suffer from low self-esteem at times. That means the super model whose legs you covet, the fitness guru whose abs you want to drool all over, and the actress who has a face and hair that makes you want to cry. They all have days where they hate the way they look, think they aren’t good enough, and get down on themselves.


Because they are human and humans have these silly things called emotions. Emotions like doubt, fear, frustration, and inwardly directed anger are not exclusively yours. So let’s talk about how to do more than survive your low self esteem days, let’s turn them into badass ones.

This too shall pass

Nothing in this life is permanent, not the good and not the bad. The mood will pass. The doubt and the hurt will clear. You will come out the other side; you always do. You’ll have a great talk with a friend, get a wink from a stranger, or help somebody and BAM your mood will improve. See ya later low self esteem, and with head held high and swagger in those hips, you can tackle the rest of your day. A little perspective goes a long way.

Don’t be a wall flower

It’s pretty easy when you’re having a low day to isolate yourself, to avoid talking to other people, and to hang in the background. After all why would you want to draw attention to yourself when you’re feeling so unworthy? Well, knock that crap off. This is the exact time that talking to other people, sharing ideas, and being seen is important. Fake it ‘til you make it, doll. Smile, chat, and be friendly because your endorphins can’t tell if you’re faking or not and when you smile you do become happier.

Nobody is perfect

No, seriously, I mean it. Nobody. Yeah we touched on this already but really let it sink in, please. The chick in the office that is always happy, bringing in baked goods, and seems to get promotions without trying? She may have an abusive husband and the show she’s putting on is more for her than for you. The point is, you just never know. So when it comes to having a low self esteem day because you are comparing yourself to other people, just remember that you may want their life but their life comes with problems too. In the end, the issues you are dealt are ones you can handle, even if you don’t think you can. Be thankful for all your blessings and squash the issues that try to overwhelm you.

Your body is not you

Yes, you should take care of your body but those flaws that are staring back in the mirror do not define you. You are not your body. Your body is a shell that houses your amazing spirit. Your personality, your traits, your kindness, your passion, and your brilliant mind are what make you, you. Hold on to the things that define you as a person, your actions and beliefs, and give them higher value than the physical. Next time your self esteem is thrown a blow because you’re bloated and or the latest skinny jean fad makes your muffin top look awful, just remember that you are more than your physical appearance. You are a dynamic, multi-dimensional, and shining person so embrace it.

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