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12 Reasons to Hate Valentines Day

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Chiara Mazzucco

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“Daddy, why didn’t you bring Mom flowers today? She’s going to be sad and think you don’t love her.”  I was neatly organizing the stack of valentine cards I had received at school. “Because your mom knows I love her,” he said without making eye contact. “But today is Lover’s day and if you don’t tell her today, it like, makes you a bad daddy or something.” I had to defend my mother’s honor. “Listen, I’ll buy your mother flowers the same day I do every year. The day after Valentine’s Day. And if you ask me why, I will tell you that when you’re married and in love, you’ll know. I don’t need a day to tell your mother I love her, I should be telling her every day.”

hate Valentine’s Day. I don’t hate it because I’ve gotten dumped on it; I don’t hate it because I’ve spent it single most years of my life; I don’t hate it because it’s sappy. I hate Valentine’s day because it does the one thing I firmly believe no real relationship can survive against: it sets standards. In addition to setting ridiculous standards for couples, it makes single people turn to ex boyfriends, pity parties, and other destructive things like ice cream and drugs.

Some sites will provide wonderful ways of celebrating being single, others will dish out amazing money-saving secrets, and most will focus their words on optimism and romance.

I, on the other hand, have decided to stab Lover’s day in the kidney.

12 Reasons to Hate Valentine’s Day

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If You’re Together:

    1.  If it’s not the first V-day together, you have to beat last year. Shouldn’t have started the relationship off with such a bang.
    2. You expect things. And the let down isn’t like every other day let downs. It’s a really, really, big let down.
    3. You’re forced to be romantic, even though it’s probably a day the girl is on her period and the guy had a bad day at work and it’s probably a day they’d rather watch Schindler’s List.
    4.  Another card. Really? Thanks for the forced word vomit, again. 
    5.  You have to answer the world when it asks what the two of you did. It’s like you’re expected to have a romantic tale for the lonely souls in the audience.

Keeping reading for more reasons to hate Valentines Day…

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  • Courtney Renfro

    I hate Valentine’s day too. I went to the bank. This teller told me Happy Valentine’s Day. I told her I was over it. You are right. When you dress like a slut and you are out with the girls, everyone thinks you are lonely and depressed. You get lonely and you call your ex. You feel like shit, because you are not in a relationship. I agree with you. You should tell you partner that you love them everyday. Not because a hallmark card tell you too. You should love yourself. This is a great article. I loved it. :)

  • http://www.fantasydatinggame.com/ Suzanne Casamento

    This article is hilarious! Stabbing Lover’s Day in the kidney?! Brilliant! I don’t hate Valentine’s Day at all. I’m single and pretty darn happy. Thank you for the laugh!

  • TheGirlYouThoughtYouKnew…

    Exactly, I broke up with my boyfriend last year, we had been going out for 7 years (Since reception, in primary school), and I gave him a gift and he never gave me anything back.. So I wasted my money on him, to get nothing in return my BFF says she always “hangs out” with her boyfriend, Harrison, and she never does, when we are in school she is in NO classes with him what so ever! So I say to her to be a good friend, you should ask him to go to the park with you, go to your house or meet up and talk with him or something but she never does! Not being mean, but then she will wonder why she has a broken heart because her boyfriend wants to break up with her, because they never even talk to spend time with each other. I am just saying… better do something before your heart gets broken…

  • Ashley McDonald

    I can relate to no. 5. Sharing the details of my romantic ventures?! No thanks, I’d rather keep it private.

  • http://olwomen.com/ Hina Khan

    You expect things. And the let down isn’t like every other day let downs.