Lingerie Lovestruck Mother: Sharon Singer, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

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I’m a young woman who embraces the entrepreneurial spark, and I was honored when I got to interview entrepreneur Sharon Singer, founder of Flechada, an online retailer based upon sustainability (from which I have happily purchased), and owner of Annette, a lingerie company. Did I mention she is a mother of two? Read on, feel inspired.

How did you learn the ins and outs of starting your own
businesses, and what influenced you to become an entrepreneur?

I started working for my father’s company back in 2002 when he asked me to open a distribution division in the US for his lingerie business, Annette. He taught me a great deal of business practices and he still does. Six years later, I bought the US division from him. In 2011, my husband and I decided to venture into Flechada as we wanted to show the amazing things Latin America has to offer in terms of creativity, natural resources and culture.

annette shapewear, lingerie, online shopping, sharon singer, entrepreneur, the indie chicks

What are the differences between the approach you use to engage
your consumers with such different companies?

Annette is a straightforward company. It satisfies a need that women have at specific times or occasions as we focus on shape-wear and medical garments for post plastic surgery usage and is a product/brand that we sell in national retailer stores. Flechada is an online destination to find many brands and products that satisfy a want; it’s more about creating a community with a sense of belonging and support for Latinos and bridging our world with other cultures.

We love that Flechada means “lovestruck.” We also adore that it celebrates cultural diffusion. What business model did you develop to keep customers lovestruck and coming back for more?

The products are genuine, made by people looking to get ahead in life. Many of the products are also made by indigenous groups who depend on the sales of their products to continue celebrating their heritage. We carry brands that manufacture their products with real raw materials, like emeralds, alpaca, silver .925, pima cotton, etc. Many of these materials can only be found in Latin America, so the products are 100% genuine. And most importantly, we hope that people shopping with us can have an emotional reaction to the products we showcase.

What is your favorite aspect of collaborating with your husband professionally?

We are building something together and it’s great. Both of us has our own responsibilities and we get to share our opinions at the end of the day.


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