Last Minute Halloween Costumes Already in Your Closet


Halloween is right around the corner, and while right now I have no plans for a party, that could all change last minute. We’ve all been there, the week before Halloween and suddenly there is a party you’ve been invited to. Great, right? Well, only if you have a costume on hand. Do you have one handy? Yeah, I don’t either. The good news is that I’m here with my Top 8 Last Minute Halloween Costumes! The best news, it should all be stuff you have in your closet or that can be easily acquired.

Lindsay Lohan/Amanda Bynes

These hot messes are perfect for last minute Halloween costumes. Just put on baggy ass clothes, high heels, huge shades, a hat, carry a stuffed dog, and stumble around drunk as heck. You don’t need makeup; you don’t need to iron your clothes…nope…just roll out. Screaming at anyone at the party who is taking pictures to “respect your privacy” and “get the f**k out of your face” is a bonus.

Bridesmaid/Prom Queen

Look, we all have them, the bridesmaid dress we will NEVER wear again or the prom dress we just can’t let go of. Why let that money just hang there? Yes, it’s an overplayed costume at times…but you can change it up. Add exaggerated green makeup and become a ‘green with envy’ bridesmaid. If you make a bloody wound on your leg you’re a zombie bridesmaid. Do you have a HORRIBLE dress? You can be one of Katherine Heigl’s 27 Dresses mishaps. Don’t let that money collect dust…wear it again.

Greek Goddess

I may be slightly biased, being Greek and all, but this is one of my favorite last minute Halloween costumes plus it really is an easy one. All you need is a white dress (or skirt and top) and a pair of sandals. Head to a craft store and get gold ribbon and tie it around your hair, make bracelets and a choker, and wrap around your sandals and up your calves for a great look. Add gold earrings or other jewelry, curl your hair, and you are good to go!

Yoga Instructor

We all have workout clothes, some of us using them more often than others, and can easily turn out workout clothes into a costume. Yoga instructors can carry their mat and a ‘water’ bottle or a weight lifter can chill in the corner super creepy like with a shake weight. Either way you can take what you already have, be comfy in your sneakers, and still qualify as “costumed”. It’s the easiest option as last minute Halloween costumes go.

TV Standouts

Flo from Progressive, The Orbitz girl, The New Girl, Once Upon A Time (lots of fantasy characters and ‘real life’ characters to pick from), SNL character, or your favorite show character. We all watch TV and we can all see some of ourselves in the characters we watch. Chances are if you are in a white skirt, top, colorful scarf, holding Orbitz and speaking with a British accent; people will know who you are.

80’s Throwback

It could be anything from Madonna to Flash Dance, New Kids on the Block super fan to Punky Bruster. Whatever it is, rock it with conviction. Get our your neon, acid wash, hair spray, scrunchies, and make sure you look “totally rad”. If your closet contains a blouse, brightly colored heals, denim jacket, and a demin skirt all you need is blue eye shadow and a side ponytail and you are now Lisa Turtle.

The Naughty Side

We all have the necessary pieces to throw together a sexy teacher, slutty librarian, or naughty school girl costume. They are a tried and true costume and though some may see it as taking the “easy way out” I say, screw them. How many women have the balls to try and pull off a costume that so many have before them, and still make it memorable? These costumes can get overlooked because so many people see them. My solution is to mix it up a little. Slutty librarian? Bring some great party books, the karma sutra, mixology, truth or dare, and lend them out to party people with your own set of consequences for late returns. If you go the saucy teacher route, give other party goers fun assignments that keep the night fun and exciting (task cards or dare cards from board games work great for this).


Whether you want to be over the top like Lady Gaga dressing as a guy, egg, meat, or in a corset, I know you can rustle something up and do something crazy. Or, you can glam it up like Katy Perry with glitter, sparkles, dresses, and BRIGHT makeup. My favorite for this year is the Taylor Swift. A summer dress (I miss them already), boots, guitar, red lipstick, and curled hair. It is simple, pretty, and easily identifiable.

Lost in the recesses of your closet is Halloween costume gold. Take a look around and see what you can come up with. Remember, so long as you feel great, you will look great. No matter what you pick out, wear it with confidence. What are you wearing this Halloween? What is your favorite last minute halloween costume idea?

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Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

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