Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

DIY Thanksgiving

Hosting Thanksgiving can be a stressful event to be sure. It’s even worse when your mom, who usually hosts dinner gets sick and can no longer handle dinner. Suddenly you are left to pull together a last minute meal. We’ve already covered our favorite yummy variations on Thanksgiving dinner and now we want to help you set the perfect table. Chances are you’ve been so worried about all your food coming out on time that you haven’t given a second thought to what your table actually looks like. I’m here to help you with some of my favorite last minute DIY Thanksgiving table decorations. All of my finds, mostly Pinterest inspired, are cheap, quick, and probably things you already have around your house.

Last Minute DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations by Table

You most likely have more than one table and there’s no saying they all have to be identical. We can also all be real enough with each other to admit that sometimes using the “good plastic” plates and 2 ply dinner napkins makes more sense than multicolored and shaped stacked plates with linen napkins. No matter what your budget I can help you make a memorable event out of dinner.

Kids Get Creative

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Because it is always my favorite, let’s take on the kid’s table. We always have one at our Thanksgiving dinners and it’s always a favorite for the young adults. We get it, it’s fun over there. There’s nothing worse than stuffy conversation…the kids table with a glass of wine…that’s where it is at! Well, here are some great last minute DIY Thanksgiving table decorations for their table that I just love.

  • Set their table with a paper tablecloth with a plastic backing (found at most dollar stores) and set out crayons or markers. Encourage them to write or draw pictures of what they are most thankful for while they wait for dinner to be served. This is a great way to keep them busy while the last dishes are being finished up.
  • Take a vase and fill it with beans, cranberries, dried peas, corn, candy corn, or anything else colorful. Layer it, make it visually appealing. This last minute DIY Thanksgiving table decoration can even be made into a game. Let the kids guess what is in it or how many of something is in the vase. Small prizes (baby pumpkins or candy from the vase) can be given out for the closest guess.
  • For placeholders, you can make adorable little spiders to place on the plates. All you need are baby pumpkins, black pipe cleaners, and a sharpie. Insert the pipe cleaners and bend to make legs and write the child’s name with Sharpie for a cute personal touch. You can also use pipe cleaners, construction paper, and toothpicks to make a turkey. Simply cut out the feather shapes, glue to a toothpick, and insert into the pumpkin for a fan of feathers. A brown pipe cleaner head finishes off the turkey and they can use crayons to write what they are thankful for on their turkey feathers.
  • As favors, you can make the adorable jelly bean Indian corns pictures above. I found the idea at Kelley Highway (who found it in an old Better Homes and Gardens) and I love it. The steps are listed on her blog and believe me, it’s super easy and affordable.

These last minute DIY Thanksgiving table decorations are perfect for the kids table and sure to please all the little guys…and the big ones hiding out from the “Why are you still single?”, “When are you going to get married?”, “Are you going to have a kid anytime soon?” questions that Aunt Mary always hounds you with.

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

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