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One of the coolest things about working here at The Indie Chicks (and believe me there are a LOT of reasons) has got to be all the amazing women I get to talk to when doing Spotlights. Never in my wildest dreams would be I have encountered some of these women without this magazine. One such woman is Krystalrae, whose fashion I may not be bold enough to rock, but it doesn’t mean I don’t think it is great! Enjoy getting to know her, I sure did.

When did you know fashion was what you were meant to do? Were you a fashion conscious child?

Growing up, I never thought being a fashion designer was possible. In fact, our parents wanted us to pursue a career in the medical field. Though even as a child, I loved shopping with my mother for clothing and as a teen, I was fully aware style was important. In fact, I ended up winning “Best Dressed” in high school, not to mention, a credit card bill. It wasn’t until my second year in college that I first realized designing clothes could be my career and was definitely my destiny!

Are you creative in other mediums? Do you paint, draw, create jewelry, bags, or love interior design?

My father taught me how to color with crayons at a very young age. Starting that young I’ve used anything to create: construction paper, markers, paint, charcoal, clay, etc. I enjoy all art, but creating, sketching, sewing clothing/accessories is my forte.

Where do you find inspiration for your clothing designs?

I find inspiration everywhere and for my recent collections I have found other artists inspiring. These artists include SPR12 Matt W Moore, SUM12 avaf, and FALL12 Will Ryman.

Krystalrae, fasion, spotlight, The Indie ChicksYour clothes are bold and require a certain bad ass chick to rock them. We love that! Do you have plans for another bold line anytime soon?

Thank you! My FALL 2012 line will launch online in October and will be as bold as ever, followed by the Krystalrae HOLIDAY 2012 line which will launch in late fall.

What’s your favorite reaction to your bold colors and patterns?

My favorite reaction to my collection is “YUCK!” Of course, initially I felt what any person would feel, upset. However, this comment reminded me of the 2 groups of people in fashion: the innovators and the followers. I want innovators to wear my clothes!

The way you view your collection on your website is GREAT! Who came up with that idea?

My two brothers, Jason and Chris Mamaril! Jason is the Graphic Designer and Chris is the Web Developer for Together they invented the parallax lookbook.

You work in NY now but studied in Philly. You’ve worked with a lot of designers and been around fashion for a while now. What lines or designers do you love and admire?

I admired all the designers I worked with, but Billy Reid and Brian Reyes were the ones I loved most. Even though I worked with both of them only a couple of times they appreciated all their employees. Fashion can be a mean industry, but they definitely made it pleasant.

If you could work with one designer that you haven’t yet, who would it be and why?

The designer I absolutely look up to is Peter Pilotto—the way he mixes prints and patterns is mind blowing. I would love to watch him designing his prints.

The designer I wished I worked with was Alexander McQueen. He was the epitome of art in fashion. Being in a room with him and the best of the best craftsmen would have been incredible.

And last but not least, the other designers I want to work with are all the younger designers who don’t know they’re designers yet! It would be so rewarding to help them reach their dreams.

What can we look forward to from you in the future?

This year we started off as a knitwear collection and then expanded into wovens. We also started off with just prints, but now we’ve added textured solids. In the Fall 2012 season we offered jewelry! We look forward to getting bigger and better. Next year we plan to have our first fashion show and hopefully re-launch shop.

How can people find and order your items?

People can find us by following the links below:

For purchases and inquires contact us at: [email protected]

The Fall 2012 collection can be found at Dalaga—a New York boutique, where the line is sold exclusively in their Soho location.

Fall 2012 accessories can be found exclusively at:

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  1. This is such a great interview. (I absolutely love the green tights!) I find it so inspiring to get into creative people’s heads, either business or the arts but a combination is the ideal. Thank-you for this!

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