Juice Fast: Day 3 (The Switch)

juice fast

I woke up on day 3 of my juice fast with a slight headache. When the hell is it supposed to get better, man?

7am: Carrot, spinach, kale juice and back to bed with wet rag.

9am: I felt my tummy rumble.. so I made a grapefruit juice. Half way through I felt nauseous – and slightly discouraged – so I drank warm water with lemon to calm the nausea. Back to bed I went.

9:30am: Something crazy happened. I opened my eyes through the wet rag and though my head still ached a little, my eyes were wide open. I couldn’t shut them! I sat up and looked around the room to see if a little goblin was hiding with a coffee IV or something.. but nope. It was just me, my breathing and my body.

I got up.

Juice Fast: The Switch

12:00 I had to heat up a little veggie broth. My hands and feet were absolutely FROZEN and I couldn’t warm them up. Technically, though it is still liquid, the ideal juice fast you want to stick with raw veggies. I don’t consider this a cheat.

12:30 celery, spinach, kale and cucumber

It was 12pm when my husband and my in-laws looked at me in amazement. “You’re like a brand new person,” said my mother in law, confused. “No, she’s the woman I fell in love with,” said Jason. “You’re glowing.”

I DID IT. I withstood the withdrawals… I made it through 3 migraines, vomiting and body aches without medication. I was up and about and playing with my son without 3 cups of coffee.

Words cannot describe how incredible this moment was. I have NEVER been more proud of myself. (And have never made it to day 3 of anything before!)

I took a hot bath and got a bit spiritual with myself. That’s right, I said it – and I don’t mean I masturbated, I mean I literally got spiritual. I looked at my body and apologized for everything I had done to it in the past 25 years and promised to treat it better from this point on.

2:30pm I had an apple, kiwi, mango juice for a sugar pick me up – YUM.

5:00pm carrot and spinach

7:00pm dinner: carrot, cucumber, kale, spinach, tomato

Dinner was hard. They made a stir fry (my favorite) and the mere smell of broccoli cooking made me salivate. I didn’t punch anyone in the face, though. I breathed it in and put it in my back pocket for after the fast. Something I’m going to appreciate much more instead of just stuffing my face while watching tv.

Tip: Have some warm water with lemon throughout the day. I think a lot of my symptoms were due to dehydration and I always find warm water is easier to drink than hot or cold.

Day 3, no cigarettes.

How do I feel? Fucking incredible. 

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Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

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