Juice Fast – Day 1 (The day you want to quit)

juice fast

So I’m writing this on the morning of day 2 of my juice fast because that’s how intense day 1 was for me.

I woke up at 6am with a tension headache. I stretched, trying to stay positive, but wasn’t able to diminish its intensity.. which sent me into an automatic anxiety attack. “I can’t take pain killers,” I said as tears started flowing down my pale cheeks. I started to cry and felt the fear rush through me.

Jason picked me up and told me it was time to start and that it was going to be a hard day but that I would make it through.

7:30am – Carrot, orange and grapefruit juice. (This was an experiment) and it was pretty gross. I don’t know why I felt it was okay to combine them to start my day.

Tip #1: Save the juice experimentation for the rest of the week

9:30am – Apple and pear juice. Much better. The sugar flowed throw my veins enough to satisfy and keep me away from the coffee machine

Tip #2: You should be doing at least 50% veggie juice to avoid a sugar spike. Can’t only drink sugar…

11:30 – I decided to make a crazy veggie juice. My head wasn’t feeling any better and I was beginning to experience one of those stay away from me migraines. Well, by 12pm, I was nauseous and my head was pounding.

I spent the entire day in bed. At about 2 pm, I started throwing up. I didn’t want to and it wasn’t until Jason came down to give me a pep talk that I realized this entire journey is supposed to be about listening to my body. My body wanted to get rid of whatever was in me.. so I had to listen.

I couldn’t keep water down. I tried ginger tea and that didn’t work either.

It was a hard day. I spent the entire day sleeping, vomiting, and rolling around with an excruciating headache. I wanted to quit. I wanted to run to the kitchen and shove coffee, white bread, and pain meds down my throat. If it wasn’t for Jason keeping me strong, I don’t think I could have survived it.

It was clear as day. I wasn’t craving a big plate of food, nor did I want to stuff my face with cookies and candy (I have a terrible sweet tooth).. I wanted coffee, pain medication and empty calories. Before yesterday, I was drinking up to 3 or 4 cups of coffee, ranging from medium to bold. I was taking anywhere from 2 to 8 pain killers, ibuprofen and excedrin. I was eating bread when I got hungry, a bad habit I picked up working in the service industry. If I could just have those 3 things I would feel better..

I asked Jason around 6pm to look up if vomiting was a danger sign for a fast. He spent hours reading and when he came back, he said, “No. Your body is literally freaking out.” There was one sentence I read while glancing over that really calmed my nerves: “Do you think it’s the amount of healthy nutrients making you sick or the lack of everything bad your body has become reliant on.. that you’re taking away?”

See you tomorrow.

Tip #3: Drink a juice as soon as you get hungry. It’s not water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup like the master cleanse, juice actually satisfies. 

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Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara is the Founder and CEO of Indie Chicks, Inc. She's a published author of The 9 Mirages of Love, and is working on her second book, But First, Me. You can find out more about her by visiting her website, or can email her to get in touch.

  1. Good Lord , woman , I felt like I was in a roller coaster ride with you. I hope that it gets better for you , which I am sure it will , like you said your body is just responding to the toxins built up in your body and expelling them. Try to take it easy too. Sending you Love and healing hugs ! ~ E

  2. I just found this article because my husband and I started a juice cleanse today. We are both vomiting and battling the WORST headaches we have ever had. I am glad to hear that you survived the experience. This gives me hope that we aren’t on our deathbeds.

    1. Hang in there, Casey and hubby! I promise, you’ll make it out alive. Just keep telling yourself it’s going to pass, hold on strong, and your body will work with you. You’re resetting everything, it takes a lot of work for your body to expel, reset and reboot!

  3. I’ve started juicing yesterday morning and last night at 8 p.m. I was projecting vomit in the living room like the girl from the exorcist. My husband was in shock and frankly so was I. I have never had such a headache or felt so hungry…. Is that even normal? I am so worried there is something wrong with me.

    1. Cristina, So sorry we didn’t see this sooner! Keep in mind we aren’t doctors, so if you’re seriously worried you should speak to one. Your body is probably violently reacting to the detox. You’re stuffing it with so many nutrients and the toxins are leaving your body. Drink a LOT of water to ease the hunger. You should be consuming half your body weight in ounces daily. So if you weigh 150, you should consume at least 75oz of water.

      Think about what you’re putting into your body– fruits and veggies. There is nothing harmful going in– all the harmful is leaving. Best of luck!

  4. Wow! I could have written that myself. Day 1 was a day of hell. My headache was the worse I have ever had and I kept vomiting all day until early evening. I am now on Day 4 and just feeling pretty tired. I have just watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead to try to keep me inspired.

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