It’s Confession Time: Indie Chick Confessional


Do you have a secret burning a hole in you but your bestie is so busy you don’t want to bother her? Have you been watching the new abc show Mistresses and feel the need to unload your own story? Perhaps you are horrified that you sharted at your desk but you can’t bring yourself to tell anyone about it. Maybe you’re headed on vacation this summer and suddenly you can’t help but remember that one time last summer when you killed your friend….wait that was a movie plot…never mind. Well, that’s what Indie Chick Confessional is for! 

The Indie Chicks are giving you the opportunity to confess your sins, embarrassments, and horrors with our new feature Indie Chick Confessional. There’s no tricks here, even we won’t know who says what. It’s a 100% anonymous way to share your story with others, get feedback, share laughs, or just get it off your chest, and NOBODY will be the wiser! Who couldn’t use a little bit of that?

You’ll notice a new badge on our left sidebar urging you to Confess. Anonymously. Publicly. Click on that, or click this link, and you’re half way there!

Indie Chick Confessional, How it Works:

  • You submit your confession in the comment section provided on the link.
  • All submissions need to be in by 5pm EST on Saturdays. Anything after that will roll over into the following week’s post.
  • Indie Chick Confessional goes live on Sunday!
  • Comment, chime in, commiserate, or laugh…it’s for you by you
  • Lather, rinse, repeat…we do it all again next week!

Indie Chick Confessional: Disclaimer:

There will be loose moderation and basic editing because we want you to be able to let your inner sinner/joker/whatever free. However, we won’t approve any crazy hate-filled submissions, racism, etc. or anything sketchy because, though we promote venting, we don’t want any of that toxic crap poisoning our vibe.

That’s it! Simple and straight forward. So, our Indie Chick Badasses…here is your chance to share those tales you are secretly proud of, laugh at with only your besties, or still shake your head at. Confess. Anonymously. Publically.

It’s meant to be fun so enjoy yourselves, chicks!



Straight from The Indie Chicks company to our readers, just like we like it. When we have something to say as a group, this is how we do it. Enjoy, badasses.

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