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Well, it’s that time of year again.  Tis the season of awards for categories we didn’t know existed, whether or not a full sweep will happen, who wore the most fabulous dress that we only dream of wearing, and most importantly, who’s taking another man home with them this evening.  Yes, it’s Oscar’s night!  In a list filled with deserving nominees, the night is bound to end like any chick flick:  the winner with their golden man and a few plot twists along the way.

Sure, everyone has diverse views of who will win at this year’s Oscar’s, but how different is the audience’s opinion from the academy’s?  Below I took the categories everyone seems to care the most about and labeled them with the “Popular Vote,” who the public wants to see win, and the “Academy’s Vote,” what will probably win based on the Academy’s old-fashioned opinions.


Popular Vote:  Silver Linings Playbook

Honestly, this was my favorite movie of the year.  It was one of the most moving stories I’ve seen in a long time, and O. Russell maintained a perfect balance between drama and comedy.  Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence really showed how far their acting ranges could go.

Academy’s Vote:  Argo

I haven’t seen this film yet, and I’m still kicking myself for that.  My dad and boyfriend haven’t stopped talking about how incredible and historically accurate Argo is.  After great success at the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Argo winning Best Picture is meant to happen.


Popular Vote:  Hugh Jackman

Oh, Jean Val Jean… How I would love for you to win an Oscar… My only question is how does someone who is imprisoned and on the run for almost twenty years NOT AGE?  Other than that, the singing is fantastic, and your Broadway chops are just as successful on the silver screen as they are on stage.

Academy’s Vote:  Daniel Day Lewis

Unfortunately, the Best Actor title has all ready been claimed.  Why?  Three words:  Daniel Day Lewis.  His portrayal in Lincoln is spot-on, from his actions down to his looks.  If he weren’t in this category, Jackman would probably take the gold.  Since the Academy eats up every performance, even if it was bad, Lewis will more than likely win.


Popular/Academy’s Vote:  Jennifer Lawrence

I’ll admit I have a huge girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.  From her charisma to her rebellion against the tabloids about her weight, she is the ultimate definition of a badass.  Lawrence’s performance in Silver Linings Playbook made men and women everywhere fall head over heels.  Her natural talent shines through her portrayal of Tiffany, and since she’s kicked ass and taken names at every awards show so far, there’s no doubt in my mind the Oscar’s will complete her sweep.


Popular Vote:  Robert De Niro

It doesn’t matter what character he plays – audiences love Robert De Niro…  That’s all I have to say.

Academy’s Vote:  Christoph Waltz

After great praise from Inglorious Basterds, Waltz made one of Tarentino’s charismatic characters come to life.  Waltz’s charming and surprisingly humorous character in Django Unchained keeps a brutally historic from being fully mean-spirited.


Popular Vote/Academy’s Vote:  Anne Hathaway

I cried at the sound of her voice during the Les Miserables trailer… Striking any kind of emotion or even a tear during a movie is nearly impossible for me.  The fact that Hathaway pulls this off in less than three minutes is impressive.  Also, she deserves major credit for chopping off all of her hair while playing Fantine.  Since Hathaway also maintains a perfect record at awards shows, her chances of having a perfect season are pretty good.


Popular Vote:  Wreck-It Ralph

Ever since my dad taught me how to play Super Mario at age four, I always wondered how the bad guy felt since they’re used to losing.  Wreck-It Ralph took that thought and ran with it.  This movie proved that video games and film can successfully mix.  Even though it’s not a direct adaptation of anything, the film’s colorful aura raised it to critical and commercial praise.

Academy’s Vote:  Brave

One word:  Pixar.  Any Disney-Pixar project is notorious for winning this category simply because Pixar’s name is on it, with the exception of Rango.  Getting a feeling that Brave was a mash-up of Mulan and Robin Hood, I don’t feel like this is as deserving as previous films in Pixar’s filmography, yet another Oscar is more than likely to be added to the collection.


Popular Vote:  Ben Affleck

Let’s be honest.  After winning every other Best Directing nod, he rightfully deserves to win at the most anticipated awards show this year.  Unfortunately, that can’t happen if you’re not nominated.  Sorry, Ben.  You really deserved this one.

Academy’s Vote:  David O. Russell

Since Affleck can’t win, let’s give it to the man who gets a close second.  O. Russell’s Silver Linings Playbook brought out the best in not only romantic comedies, but all of its actors (who are all nominated for acting awards).  After The Fighter in 2010, it’s safe to say that O. Russell has this one in the bag.

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