I Will Not Regret Tomorrow

regret tomorrow

When Liza submitted her piece for fitness, one line stood out and it triggered a train of thoughts I think you need to read. Liza said:

Priorities. Deciding what you would regret NOT doing years from now.

A big part of The Indie Chick message is about “tomorrow” and making it something to look forward to. I know that when I hit my 25th birthday, I was hit between the eyes with a realization: I’ve “wasted” one fourth of my yesterdays, I need to focus on my tomorrows. Now, obviously, when I say “wasted” I don’t want you to conjure an image of a homeless drug addict whoring her goods for cash; I’ve done a lot to be plenty proud of.

I had a beautiful baby boy, and survived a traumatic delivery. I learned to bartend alongside veterans within a month’s time (if you’ve ever poured a drink, you’d be proud). I wrote a book, published it, interned at Universal Music (and got hired very soon after), headed my own department in a big company, picked up and moved twice (San Fran when I was 19, NY almost two years ago). I’ve conquered fears, I’ve chased dreams, I’ve spoken my true feelings — I mean, I’ve done a lot. But to me, it’s not enough. I don’t rely on anyone else to challenge me because if that were the case, you’d get bored, take a day off, and I’d turn to mush. And while I may use you for inspiration and motivation, I can’t rely on you to define me — sorry, no hard feelings.

I certainly wouldn’t be here with The Indie Chicks, and I’ll tell you, I’m glad I’m here — I never want to go back.

So moving forward to the actual point of this post: I will NOT regret tomorrow. Much like our kick ass image that was shared, liked, and super-retweeted, we will be focusing a lot of our efforts toward affirmations. Why? Because they really work.

This is meant for you: pause time, this instant, and reevaluate where you stand. Years forward, will you look back and think, “Shit. Why didn’t I do it when I had the chance?”. Prioritize and make sense of what matters to you. You are the only one living your life — it’s imperative that you make it one worth living.

You’re the only thing standing between you and your dreams, get out of the way, and give yourself the life you deserve.

Chime in: How do you feel about YOUR yesterdays? And what about your tomorrows?

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Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara is the Founder and CEO of Indie Chicks, Inc. She's a published author of The 9 Mirages of Love, and is working on her second book, But First, Me. You can find out more about her by visiting her website, or can email her to get in touch.

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