I Haven’t Showered (and Other Problems of the Overly-Ambitious)

Written by Chiara Mazzucco

(Or, How Being Overly-Ambitious Resembles Being an Unmotivated Loser)

It goes without saying that drive and determination are two of the sexiest qualities an individual can have. But what if I told you they can also be a disgusting way of inflicting self harm? And what if I told you, an overly-ambitious character and an unmotivated loser have more in common than you’d like to believe?  Below is a list of common issues the two characters have in common (and how to fix them).

I Haven’t Showered

I could technically shower but…

Unmotivated Loser: What’s the point? It’s not like I have anywhere to be. And the guys can’t smell me over the XBOX.

Overly-ambitious: What’s the point? It’s not like I have anywhere to be. And the guys can’t smell me over the XBOX. Besides, that would take up a big chunk of the time I have to finish this project. I need to get it done ASAP.

So both characters are locked away in a room. One is stuffing shit into his mouth while he dominates a game of Halo (see next problem) and the other is so deep into his work that hygiene could not fall lower on his list of priorities.


Taking 20 minutes for a power shower will be more beneficial than skipping it to get more work done. The grosser you get, the more the dirt will slow you down. (Think of it like a heavy blanket of stones, growing heavier every day you don’t bathe). No one says you have to do a full blown groom-and-masturbate kind of shower. You just have to wash yourself, put your hair in a towel (if you really have a deadline to meet) and save time by stretching in the shower while the soap washes over you.

There is really no excuse.

My Eating Habits Have Gone to Shit

When my mind focuses on what I’m doing, I…

Unmotivated:  Eat a bunch of shit. Anything from a bag or easily delivered to my door gets stuffed down my throat (along side a nice two liter of Coke to get me through the all-nighter) at the rhythm of whatever is on television.

Overly-ambitious: Eat a bunch of shit … Or nothing at all. Time passes so quickly, I forget to eat.

Neither dude makes eating well (or at all) a priority. You say that food is supposed to ‘fuel’ me? One relies on empty calories, and the other relies on drive to get them through the day. Neither of which is considered real nutrition.


Prepare your meals when you wake up or better yet, the night before. As tempting as it is to jump straight into work, food really is fuel. Skipping meals or stuffing your face with chips and salsa all afternoon isn’t going to help your brain work at full capacity. (And that is what an overly ambitious individual wants, is it not?) Make the sacrifice of another 20 minutes in the morning or at night to help reach your daily goal safely. Leave your food in the kitchen, prepared and packaged, and set your timer for “real meal” times.

No excuses.

I Have No Friends

When it comes to Friday night, my phone never rings because…

Unmotivated: No one is there to call me. And I won’t go out of my way to make them because if they don’t like me for me, they’re not meant to be real friends anyway.

Overly-Ambitious: No one is there to call me. I’ve alienated anyone I have ever called “friend”. I’ll have more time for friends when I get this shit done and achieve success.

No matter what the reason is that these two characters have no one calling them on Friday night, the fact remains: They have no one calling them on Friday night.


Without friends, who do you plan on sharing your success with anyway? Laughing and taking the night off to drink and enjoy good company is (obviously) scientifically proven to lift your mood. What the overly-ambitious fear, however, is that if they don’t work on the weekends, like the rest of the world, what’s supposed to set them apart? How are they going to be guaranteed to reach the finish line faster … if they’re going at the same pace as everyone else? The solution to this problem may be obvious: stop ditching your friends, go out and make new friends, and force friend time into your calendar. The REAL solution to this problem, however, is to realize that success lies in what you do with your time, not how much of it you devote.

There is no excuse for alienating yourself. Friends are important and they are the strength that carries you through to tomorrow.

Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara Mazzucco

Founder and CEO at The Indie Chicks, Inc.
Founder and CEO of Indie Chicks, Inc.
Published author of The 9 Mirages of Love, web and graphic designer, and single mom to three cats and a baby.
Chiara Mazzucco