I am a Real Artist

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“But I am not a “real” artist”

Regular readers of my blog know that this is a demon that I have struggled with numerous times.

After all, I have no art degree, I make do with materials I can afford, and I paint for pleasure rather than profit.  I don’t consider longevity or light fastness or even what I will do with the finished product.

My husband will often introduce me to people as “my Wife, the internationally renowned professional artist”, usually with pride and perhaps a little humour.

And I guess by definition, I am exactly that. I have sold my art, therefore you might call me “professional” and I have a large number of my pieces in homes all over the world thanks to the wonders of the internet.

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So what is ‘real’ when it comes to art?

Art, like a lot of things in life is subjective. Everybody you meet has a different idea of what is art. And all art is real art.

Recently there was much noise in our local media about an acquisition by our main gallery of a piece that was described as “slaughtered headless horse carcasses”.  Fibreglass forms covered with real horse skins.

I saw it when I visited the gallery recently and although I felt very little for it, it is still art, someone’s expression of creativity and for some people, and it created discussion and emotion.  Emotion probably being the true measure of what we consider to be art.

All art requires a process of inspiration, preparation, creation and usually exhibition.

Most of us would agree that if we walked into a fine art gallery and saw on display, in a beautifully lit cabinet, perhaps placed cleverly on a black velvet cushion, a piece of gold jewellery, encrusted with gems, and touches of enamel, that we would be admiring a piece of beautiful art.

And what about this creation of mine?

image 2a
I went through the same processes to create this wonderfully fun necklace. But instead of gold, and gems, I used pasta, paint and glitter. And it is still “real art”

Art can come in many forms, it is not just that painting on the wall of the gallery.

It is that finger painting brought home from preschool and displayed proudly on the fridge and the photograph  you captured on your last holiday then loved enough to have enlarged and framed.

Art is that birthday cake you decorated, and that tapestry you stitched for great Aunty Joan.

And the art you create is just as real, and just as wonderful as something made from the finest materials and hanging in the most famous of galleries.

Art doesn’t have to last 200 years; it can be temporary, like the amazing creations of the sidewalk artists with their chalk or the Buddhist monks creating mandalas of coloured sand.

Art doesn’t even have to mean anything to anybody else but you, the artist.

Chocolate comes in many different forms, like art. Just because someone doesn’t like dark chocolate doesn’t make it less “real”, less wonderful to you.

Walk around a gallery and I can guarantee you, that some artworks you will adore, some you will hate, and some will leave you feeling nothing. And if you go with someone, their experience will almost certainly be different to yours.

So don’t get caught up in the “real art” question when you create. Create for yourself first, and if others like it, all good.  And if someone offers to buy it – even better.

And don’t let anybody try to tell you your art isn’t real.

Especially if that “anybody” is working in a fancy art supplies shop.  Their only goal is to part you from your cash.

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In her fabulous 40's, Mynx is a self taught artist who rediscovered her passion for creating a couple of years ago after some gentle persuasion by friends. She loves discovering new ways to get messy with her favourite materials being acrylic paints and watercolour pencils. Always open to experimenting, some of her most popular works are the results of "happy accidents". Mynx believes that we all have the artist inside us, we just have remember to play.

  1. Art is entirely subjective, much more subjective than most things in life. Just like beauty, what is art is in the eye of the beholder. Do I think that a newspaper left on a park bench is art? No, but there are those who will stare at something like that in a museum for hours. More power to them. Some art I get, most I don’t, but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid art.

    As somebody who took a long time to own my title as a writer I have to say that I would NEVER try to convince somebody that they weren’t an artist. Claiming ownership of that is hugely empowering. Go you!

    1. There is a large flouro yellow rhino in our gallery that I love. It is presented attached to the wall sideways. I don’t understand it, but it makes me smile. Perhaps it is the complete craziness of it

      I don’t think you have to get art, to enjoy it. Bit like wine. You dont need to know what grapes or how it is made to simply enjoy (or not) a glass

  2. Nice article! Art definitely holds many forms of expression. Our neighbor is also a real artist who can create using many different mediums. She fills her home with her creations and she gives them away as gifts, but her name will never be known by anyone other than her friends and family. For her that is enough. She brings joy to her home and those around her through her artwork.

    1. Your neighbour sounds a bit like me. Create for the joy, gift with love and enjoy the smiles of your family and friends as your payment.
      Sounds pretty rel and perfect to me

  3. Trust me darling, I have the same demons! My friends all tell me over and over how my goofy and naive drawings and paper mache creations are art, yet I know some of my “real” artist friends roll their eyes at my doodles and sculptures.

    I think saying my stuff is art is most likely the same as saying I am beautiful.

    It’s just something I can’t bring myself to say… But you – you make me want to say it. You make me want to scream to the world that I am not only an artist, but a beautiful artist.

    And you my friend – you are truly a beautiful artist.

    1. Goodness, you are one of the most adventurous, creative and beautiful people I have had the pleasure to meet in this bloggy, internet world. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you otherwise.
      But I do know what you mean. It took me a long time to share my art and accept that it was real and good and beautiful.

  4. Seriously great writing! You do put others at ease about art and I know I certainly have learned how to appreciate much more than I ever would have before following your artistic evolve! It’s a pleasure to see what other people create now, whether it’s art, photography or writing! You rock, my friend!

  5. You explain things so well, lady. I feel better about my photography, in part because you told me is was art. And since I’m the proud owner of one of your pieces, I’d say you are definitely internationally renowned! Hugs!

  6. Your art gallery example is so perfect. I don’t like Jackson Pollock, but that doesn’t mean he’s not an artist. Andy Warhol drives me to fits of rage. Doesn’t mean he’s not a genius to others. You’re right, do what makes you happy and you’re an artist. Van Gogh? Hated in his time (at least according to Doctor Who), lived in poverty, couldn’t give his paintings away.
    And as for you, Mynx, you are absolutely an internationally renowned professional artist. I look at your art every day, and renown it!

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