How to Wear White After Labor Day

white after labor day, the indie chicks, flechada

Rocking the color white this time of year? We are! Here’s how to wear white after Labor Day, way after Labor Day…just because we can. Winter is the perfect time to rock shades of white…Carolina Souto from Flechada tells us how.

With the oncoming winter comes a time to get ready for a cold cold season, some intense holiday party planning, and of course, the dreaded holiday shopping. Taking into consideration the changes that will be transform fall trees into barren twigs and fields into clouds of snow, we can begin to explore the wonderful world of Winter White–from gorgeous handbags to extravegant jewelry, you can become one with nature through fashion. It’s the ice-princess on a whole other level with sophisticated, simple and chic little bits of magic. Check out these amazing winter finds! You may just catch yourself cutting your holiday shopping in half.

handbag, white after labor day, the indie chicks, flechadaHandbags


Handbags have become as essential tool for women. It’s an accessory as well as a functional tool–our version of the suitcase, but a stylish one at that. Now, for winter, we can get creative. Take this Luba Mini Tote, by J. Lang, which was nominated for the Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design and won the Independent handbag Award for “ Audience Fan Favorite.” The white leather lace design is sweet, whimsical and almost looks like a snowflake. This is a prime example of something you can wear to add that winter touch, but of course, any white handbag will do!


Scarvesaccessory, white after labor day, the indie chicks, flechada

The colder it gets out there, the more you need to wear. Scarves are necessary accessories, and they add so much to an outfit–it’s almost unfair they only come out this time of year. With texture, color, and some yummy material, a scarf can become your own little taste of winter heaven.

This Scarf Ko, by Voz, is so warm and fuzzy you’d probably want to sleep in it. While it may not be completely white, it still reflects what’s going on outside our windows. Like a barren tree branch topped with bits snow, it is 100% wool, in an assortment of natural tones. Winter’s color of choice may be white, but you can use other colors natural tones to make the white pop even more!


Get in touch with your inner ice-princess with accessories that inspire a winter feel. With headbands, you can crown yourself the queen of your own winter wonderland by emulating the icy nature of this unforgiving season, like with the White Spikes Headband. Or, go purely innocent with a softer touch, like the White Fabric Headband, both designed by ByLilla. They’re super chic and really fun accessories to wear! white after labor day, the indie chicks, flechada


Last but not least, you can create the iciest winter-look with a little bit of bling. There is something about silver that has a unique, icy quality when worn with a winter inspired outfit. This Handmade Silver Circles Bracelet, by Lavish, emulates falling snow in its light and airy design. The One of a Kind Eco-friendly Tree Earrings, by N. Regnier,show a glimpse of that dark, unforgiving side of winter–as if a pair of trees have frozen over. While they may not be white, they have a cool essence to them, adding an allure of winter sophistication. Just as white works with white, silver takes it to a glamorous level. This goes for necklaces and rings, too!

white after labor day, the indie chicks, flechada

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  1. I am soo against white after labor day. =[ However…. I agree with what you’ve said except for handbags. They just get too dirty too easily. White accessories are hot though and I think they’re acceptable year round.

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