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A few months ago I was talking about my love of tequila when a male friend commented that he hated it, but loved dining at the “Y”. When I expressed my disappointment in his taste in spirits, he replied that he would have hoped that I’d have focused on his love of cunnilingus.

Uh, not really. If I’ve heard one guy express his love of going down on a chick, I’ve heard a hundred of them say it, and the sentiment doesn’t really impress me anymore. What I’ve never heard of though, is a guy actually paying as much oral homage to the man in the boat as he alluded he would. Luckily the majority of men do realize that since 75% of women do not orgasm from penetration giving their women oral attention is paramount and obligatory, to some extent. But what’s a gal to do if her guy is stingy with going “downtown”? Well, here are a few things you can do to help get your guy to go down on you more.

Maintain the Garden

I would think that this is a no-brainer, but what the hell, I’ll start with basics. Make sure that everything is clean and hygienic down there. A guy won’t go down on you if it doesn’t smell right and if he does, he’s not going to be anxious to revisit the area again. Besides being clean, make sure to trim the hedges. You don’t have to torture yourself with a full Brazilian wax, but most guys appreciate not needing a weed whacker to get through your pubic hair to find your clitoris.

Don’t Smother Him

I know it’s exciting when a guy is showing the oral love, but don’t grind against his face too hard. Most guys like some pressure, it’s a way of showing him that you are enjoying what he’s doing (which is very important and coming up in the next bullet), but too much will make him feel like he is suffocating. Ideally, you want your guy to enjoy giving you pleasure as much as you are in receiving it, but he’s unlikely to do this if he’s concerned about you breaking his nose with your violently thrashing hips.

Make Sure He Knows How Much You Are Enjoying His Work

Not only are guys visual creatures, but they appreciate good audio, too. If you like what he’s doing down there then let him know. Tell him how amazing he is making you feel, how he found the right spot—moan, scream, whatever—just make sure that he knows you’re appreciating his skill. Remember, every time you make some noise during sex it’s like a round of applause to the guy.

Don’t Be Greedy

Whenever I’m bent over with menstrual cramps and wanting to bitch about being female, I remind myself that women can at least have multiple orgasms without that annoying recovery time that guys need. That being said, if your guy hits a home run while going down on you, don’t make him keep doing it over and over if he doesn’t seem enthused. Unlike Sir Thumps-a-lot, The Magic Vibrator, his mouth doesn’t run on batteries and he might get tired. You don’t want him to think of going down on you as a chore. The good news though? It’s an ego boost for guys when they crack the O, so chances are that if you got your guy down there and he’s on an orgasmic roll, he will keep going as long as you keep coming.

Return the Favor

It’s only courteous.

What do you do to get your guy to go south of the border? Share your tactics here for all us other badasses to try!

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