How to Fight Fair

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Do you remember that one time you lashed out emotionally at your significant other and you immediately wished you could unsay what you said? Remember how it felt when you had a blowout and your significant other said something to you out of anger that you know they didn’t mean, but it still affected you deeply and you couldn’t help but feel differently towards them? What if I told you that all of that could have been avoided? It totally could’ve been avoided. This is why I’m going to teach you how to fight fair.

Don’t React While You’re Emotional

I do this every time I feel angry. I walk away from the person who’s pissing me off. I give them fair warning, “If for some reason you made me mad and you know that I’m mad, and I walk away from you; let me cool off alone. Don’t come after me because if you do, it won’t be pretty.” There’s nothing wrong with feeling your emotions when something maddening happens; that’s part of the process of moving forward. Don’t feel ashamed because you’re being all emotional. Anyone who tells you nonsense about “being a girl about it,” because you allowed yourself to emote is full of shit.


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