How to Create Your Ideal Workspace

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We all want to be firing on all cylinders and making the most of what time we have to dedicate to work, hobbies, or passions. This means having a fantastic office, or home, workspace. The ideal workspace isn’t just organized, it should be inspiring. For me the ideal workspace has music, is free from excess distractions, and has what I need at my fingertips. What works for me may not work for you though. Your workspace should inspire you! Here are some tips for creating your ideal workspace as well as a few DIY projects to help you make your space work for you.

Clean Up

An ideal workspace is tidy; it is free of mess and clutter. I hear you already arguing as you shuffle papers just to make room for your coffee mug. Stop. I’m sure you know just where everything is in your organized chaos but it’s still just that; chaos. Clean it up, organize it, and watch your productivity soar!

When you are in an organized workspace, when you have de-cluttered a little, you can free yourself to be creative. Personally I find it hard to be truly creative when my life and space are in shambles but with a little effort you can make your space work for you. Try this great DIY project to keep your To Do Lists from taking over your desk.

This one is simple, like stupid simple. Take a great frame you love, paint it (or don’t) to match your space, place linen, lace, or paper in the frame and hang it by your desk. Now use the glass as your To Do List surface. Simple use a dry erase marker to create your list and Windex wipes to clean it off. Simple, elegant, and much better than post it notes and lists in every notebook.

At Your Fingertips

Keeping what you need within reach is crucial to an idea workspace for obvious reasons. Anyone who works creatively, or works at maximum efficiency knows that interruptions in your work flow are the fastest way to get sidetracked. I HATE needing to get up from my desk for something I need, seeing something that needs to be put away, which leads to a load of laundry and suddenly I’m way off task. This is why it’s essential to have all your tools close by when working.

Whether you are a writer, artist, or work from home case worker, your ideal workspace works for you! This means that you should have storage near at hand for the essentials. Personally I use a converted bedside table with drawers to store all my necessities. A small bookshelf with baskets and drawer options is another fantastic option. No matter how you store what you need make sure that once you settle in to work you can minimize the number of times you have to get up. A set up like the one pictured here would be great with maybe a small bookshelf next to it for added storage.

Distraction Free

Some people work best with a little background noise while others prefer a quiet space. No matter what you  need to focus best your ideal workspace should provide it. It may not be Feng Shui appropriate but my desk and chair face a wall otherwise I would be forever be distracted by what was taking place outside my door. If you are the creative type a desk facing a window is always a good idea and no matter what you do at your desk natural light is good for the soul. If it’s ear buds in for total sound proofing (even if they are a decoy) or a “Do Not Disturb” sign; do what it takes to help yourself stay focused.

This means having a clutter free desktop and all social media closed. I work on my computer non stop so I understand clutter and distraction on my computer. When my desktop is a mess, so am I. Folders help keep things where I can find them and limited windows open are a must. I cannot be productive if Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social media is open; I’m just too easily distracted. Mute the cell, the house phone ringer, and make sure you are ready to focus on your work.


There is no way you can call it an ideal workspace without inspiration. It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture of your favorite vacation spot, a quote from your favorite author, or fabric swatches for a new project; be sure that what surrounds you moves you. When your soul is happy and engaged good things will flow from you. When a road block pops up or things aren’t vibing you can draw on your space for strength. Take a minute or two to print your favorite photo out and tape it to the wall next to your desk. I dare you not to smile seeing it there. It’s the little things that will make a difference.

Everyone’s ideal workspace is going to be different but the key is knowing what you need to do your job well and in what kind of environment you work best. Taking the time and spending a little bit of money to create an ideal workspace that feeds your soul is a great investment.

Do you already have an ideal workspace? What is your best tip for a great workspace? We want to know.

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Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

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  1. These are great tips! I have issues with staying consistantly organized myself. I will have to look in to some of the diy projects for organization! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Oh I know! I love moving to a different place with the idea of making a working space for myself. Unfortunately I have space limitations right now, but Pinterest has been a great tool to use for space saving projects. It makes a difference to have a space to call your own.

    1. So happy you found a couple tips that will help. I live for the day I have a full room for a home office that I can make perfect for writing. Until then it’s all about making the best of the area that you do have.

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