How to Become Your Own CEO Series: Part 4 – Unleashing Your Inner Entrepreneur

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If a century ago, someone predicted that three circles would generate billions of dollars in revenue within half a century of its inception as well as create a world-wide phenomenon, that person would have most likely been institutionalized. Of course, these days, it’s nearly impossible to find a person who doesn’t know who Mickey Mouse is. Even the empire that was built upon those ears faced a rough start. The simple vision of Mr. Walt Disney, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, revolutionized the world.

Your bursting idea is no less special. The sky’s the limit. It boils down to lots of hard work, determination, and an incredibly fresh marketing strategy. I’m going to show you how to listen to the voice that tells you the world needs what you’re cooking up.

If you want your business venture to be successful, it is imperative that you develop a consistent devotion to creating yourself a brand that members of the public will respond well to.

Your business plan is best visualized through a business model. Let’s just say that the image below represents aspects of your life in the form of a business model. (This is also helpful because if your business is geared toward improving any of these aspects in a person’s life, you will have a niche to fill.) The elements that comprise a successful life are as evenly distributed as the elements that comprise a successful business.


Every human being needs to feel inspired on a daily basis in order to be productive.  Often, inspiration speaks to the spirituality that exists inherently within each of us (which is in and of itself big business).

In terms of business application, inspiration is synonymous with the discipline it takes to work around a self-imposed schedule. When you’re inspired to create a great product/service, you get work done on your own time. If your aim is to inspire people, you’re already headed in the right direction. Hello? Oprah Winfrey…


Most people would agree that in varying levels, a degree of wealth is necessary in order to survive and thrive.

Monetary gain is the incentive as well as the responsibility that lucrative companies generate. The continuation of the business depends upon the movement of money into the company. Banks, wealth management firms, and accounting firms represent the businesses that specialize the management of money for the public and have proven to be indispensable. 


People need to feel akin to one another. Whether the relationship is within a family, between friends, or lovers, our connections with one another sustain us.

The relationships between those who work together are integral to keeping the business functioning. When members of a company work together in order to accomplish a common goal, productivity yields results. Many books have been written with the intention of helping people in their relationships, like our very own Chiara Mazzucco’s “The Nine Mirages of Love: How to Stop Chasing What Doesn’t Exist.” Companies that have been founded with the sole purpose of connecting people and establishing relationships have done very well; think Facebook and


Now, more than ever before, people are embracing the importance of living healthy lives. Physical, mental, and emotional health are sought after by a large portion of society and are integral to living well, which is why I started a health-coaching company.

The health of employees within a company is directly related to the health of the company itself. Many business entities have caught on and are implementing strategies and incentives for their employees to become healthier versions of themselves. Health-based companies such as Curves, Weight Watchers, and Jenny Craig are proof that helping people who want to become healthier is a large niche business.


Roni is a fitness freak, she writes and utilizes most of her free time helping others find their bliss. She's furthered that love by getting certified as a life coach recently.

  1. I can’t stand how brilliant you are! I just want to back in you and your knowledge. This series is fantastic and an asset to anyone reading it who wants to start their own business. LOVE YOU and love this advice.

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