How I Got Skinny By Eating a Lot

Low Carb Pyramid

I decided a few years ago that I wanted to get healthy. I wanted to find my own approach that I knew wouldn’t turn me off. There are plenty of programs and diets out there to choose from. I wanted one that didn’t make me feel like I was missing out on anything. I wanted to enjoy my food and enjoy my body while I was in the process of losing weight and toning up. Low-carbohydrate diets have been around for over three decades, and when done properly, the results are remarkable. Take myself, for example. In December of 2008, I weighed in at 160 lbs. (I wore a size 12), and I am only 5’3”. Because of my low-carb lifestyle and exercise regimen, by July of 2009, I weighed 115 lbs (size 0-4).

December 2008
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I didn’t care so much about how I looked, rather, I hated how I felt. In 2009, I was miserable, was constantly sluggish, and had little to not energy. I ate junk constantly and drank alcohol like it was water. My body was in a constant state of needing detoxification. I wanted a change, so I told that whiney, It’ll-be-too-hard voice to Shut UP. I did my research, started with a plan, executed it, and in less than six months, I dropped eight dress sizes (down to a size 4) and was running more than 5K daily. How did I do this? By eating whenever I was hungry and exercising often.

I read somewhere about the Blood Type Diet – eating according to your blood type, because although more studies have to be conducted, there might be a link between your heredity that affects your metabolic processes. In other words, your genetic make-up has an impact on how your food is processed by your beautiful body.

I Ate a Lot

Now, back to low-carbing. My blood type happens to be O positive, so I thought I’d try out the omnivorous approach – I stuck to eating meat and vegetables. I avoided everything white except for egg whites, meaning, no white rice, no starches, no sugar. The only carbohydrates I ingested came from vegetables. Because of my new method of eating, I was more hungry, more often, and I ate accordingly. I was eating all the time. Breakfast included every kind of breakfast protein you can think of, and tons of it. Lunch was generally meat or veggie protein and tons of fibrous vegetables. Dinner was generally a cut of meat and a vegetable in some form or another. I snacked often and guzzled water constantly. I never felt like I was lacking anything – I did, however, cheat for one full 24 hours every month. That was cupcake heaven, and I did not feel guilty at all about eating fries and pasta in the same day.

How It Worked

A low-carb diet induces ketosis, which to make a long story short, catalyzes the body to burn fat for fuel rather than burning carbohydrates, which is what normally happens. This explains how people who eat very low carbs are able to lose fat very quickly. Like all changes in eating habits, inducing low-carb takes some adjusting. I’m not going to lie. The first week I went without eating rice, bread, pasta, and sugar, I was a total bitch. It got better soon after the fifth day. My body began feeling differently. I had more energy and rarely felt sluggish. I immediately felt lighter, and I could literally experience fat leaving my body.


Roni is a fitness freak, she writes and utilizes most of her free time helping others find their bliss. She's furthered that love by getting certified as a life coach recently.

  1. I tried Atkins in college around 2001. I was f’ing miserable for the first week!! I was a rotten bitch. I didn’t exactly add exercize but I did drop a LOT of weight. I dropped 30 lbs pretty quickly. One main issue was not controlling my food and times to eat as well as I could have if I wasn’t relying on cafeteria food/schedule…not to mention cutting out booze in college is damn near impossible.

    In the end I went back to carbs but lately I’ve been trying cut down/out dairy and carbs. It’s a struggle for me but I’m working on it. It’s that mental hurdle of getting to the gym I have to get over.

    Great article, love!

    1. Thank you for the article kudos, Beauty!

      Perhaps a combination of carb-watching and Zumbafying your life might give you just the right amount of oomph? You know you always have a cheerleader in me!

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