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We’ve already established that cruelty free doesn’t have to mean expensive or that you have to give up quality with yesterday’s Affordable Cruelty Free Cosmetics article. In this article I’m going to go over some amazing companies that are cruelty free and who also have fantastic quality for just a little bit more. Spending more money doesn’t always mean you are getting a better product but in the case of these companies I can speak to really liking them. Honestly, if my budget allowed I’d own the entire line of each of these companies. Here are my favorite high end cruelty free brands.

Urban Passion

I have been coveting the Urban Decay Naked palette of eyeshadows (I’m an eyeshadow whore) for a long time now but at $50 I just can’t budget for it right now. Urban Decay briefly went to China where animal testing is allowed and was taken off the Leaping Bunny list but happily it is back. They have everything you could ever dream of in super pigmented and quality products.

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** Sadly Stila changed their policies and stopped being cruelty free in October of 2013 just months after this was published. We’re always sad to see a company we like stop being animal friendly.**

Stila is a company most of us know and love and I never even knew they were cruelty free until recently. I was so excited I didn’t have to give them up. No matter what you are shopping for, all the products are great quality. They do run a bit expensive with lipsticks/glosses coming in around $22 and foundation around $44.

Too Amazing

Too Faced is a great company that while is it more expensive  they offer great online sales on products when the season is over or they are over stocked. This means that depending on what you’re in the market for you can get some great deals. I’ve heard rave reviews about their BB creams and foundations, then again I’ve never heard complaints about any of their things. If you aren’t shopping the sale section though be prepared to pay a bit more for these quality products.

So Sweet

Tarte is another fantastic cruelty free company! They are well known for their cheek stains and their lip pencils, or at least that’s what I know them best for. Those items will cost about $28 and $24 respectively (not too bad) and again you can find sales online so if you shop smart you can get some good deals.

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Pure Amazing

Last up for my list of favorite high end cruelty free cosmetics is 100% Pure. Now, to be totally honest this is the only company I’ve never tried myself but I’ve heard amazing things about it. Their stores are only in California but their website is super easy to navigate (with free shipping) and their products average around $15 for all natural, vegan, and cruelty free products.

I know there are a TON of other high end (and budget friendly, too) companies that are cruelty free. The ones that I have spotlighted in this weeks articles are the companies I have first hand knowledge of and felt I could speak knowledgeably about. I hope you will take the time to research whether or not your favorite brands are cruelty free and make the switch to cruelty free if they aren’t. I promise you can find fantastic brands that are kind to animals and it really is worth doing. Please sign the Be Cruelty Free Pledge if you haven’t yet.

What are your favorite high end cruelty free products or companies?


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Julie Zantopoulos

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      1. I was aware of UD’s parent company. There are a lot of rabbit holes and levels of ‘cruelty free’ that people look into. Urban Decay still meets the Leaping Bunny standards and I do still support them, but that’s me personally. As for Stila, sadly you’re right. At the time of this publishing they WERE cruelty free though. I will make a note in the article. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

    1. Tori, the problem with articles like this one, published years ago, is that things change. Tarte was purchased by a parent company, Kose in March. That parent company is not cruelty free but Tarte still is. Money spent on Tarte will, in essence, still support a parent company that tests. It’s up to each woman how they feel about that and whether they purchase from Tarte still. They are still certified as Vegan and Cruelty Free by PETA.

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