Love Our Tweets? Have you Downloaded our Free Ebook?


We decided to launch the new website with a little goodie attached; a free ebook. You’re always telling us how you love waking up to our positivity, we figured it was time to break out the golden nuggets for our kick ass fans!

Each team member (5) came up with 10 exclusive, never before tweeted/Facebook posted inspirational quotes. If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, you will be getting the download link in your mailbox any second (if you haven’t already). Make sure to check spam/junk folder just in case. You’re more than welcome to share it and forward it to a friend!

Enjoy them, ladies! These are things we tell each other (and ourselves) almost every day. It’s incredible how magical positivity and inspiration can be; they can really make you feel like you can take over the world!

Edit: How do I download the book?

Go to the upper right hand corner of the site and enter your email, then click ‘Join Us’. You will be asked to verify your email address.

When you’re done, you will receive a welcome email with the download link attached.

Let us know what you think of it in the comments below!



Straight from The Indie Chicks company to our readers, just like we like it. When we have something to say as a group, this is how we do it. Enjoy, badasses.

    1. You have to sign up for our newsletter, Beverly. You can do this by signing up through the form on our header. You will then receive the link in the welcome email. Please let us know if you have any problems :)

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