Guest Posting Guidelines

Awesome. We are thrilled to know you’re interested in writing for us!

Below you’ll find some general guidelines to becoming a contributor. Tweet us/Email us if you have any questions! Be sure to read all guidelines before submitting. All submissions should be emailed with the subject line, “I Want To Write For The Indie Chicks!”.


Here’s a general list of topics…but don’t let it limit your creativity, we’re open to anything!

What We Will NOT Accept

  • Anything ridiculous. We shouldn’t have to tell you we won’t accept anything homophobic, racist or otherwise filled with hate. If you’re even considering it, you don’t belong on this website.
  • Shameless self promotion or irrelevant linking to other sites.
  • Anything horribly written with poor grammar, spelling, or sentence structure. Jewels will work with you on edits when it comes to honing the content or direction but not on the basics.
  • Nothing previously published on the web.
  • Your personal biography. We’re sure your life story is enthralling but our website isn’t the right place for it.
  • Anything you’d see on every other website out there. We don’t do stiff and rigid. Bring your inner badass out.

What Works

  • Provide the readers something valuable.
  • Break up your text with headings, styles, and if it’s long, images.
  • Stay true to your voice and ours.
  • Establish yourself as an expert but expose vulnerability.
  • Write well and entertain. We have a clear voice and require our writers to understand it and fit it.
  • We try to include as many readers as possible in each article’s target audience and exclude as few. The larger your audience for the article the higher the chance we’ll publish it. ex: Tips for Dating at Any Age will be published before Dating in Your 20’s. 

Actual Guidelines

  • Word count: Your post must be no less than 900 words and no more than 1300. If you need more to convey your message, we can make an exception. If, however, you babble and pointlessly exceed the word count, we will ask you to edit your piece.
  • Active Writers: To qualify as a contributing writer you must be an active blogger/writer who posts at least twice a week. You need to have active and engaged social media accounts.
  • Bio Information: Set up your email with and make sure your picture is current and working. Our contributor page currently works off of en.gravatar.
  • The name you want to be published under (if different than your own).
  • A short 2-3 sentence bio.
  • Links to all of your social media accounts and your blog.


  • Keep our audience in mind when writing. Justin Bieber doesn’t get our panties to drop and we’re not going to enjoy a 2000 word piece on the Irish bagpipe.
  • Once you’re up and scheduled in our editorial calendar, you will receive a snazzy contributor badge. You can link it to your article, or if you’ve written more than one, you can link to your author archive page.
  • We encourage activity on our posts! Get your friends to come leave comments and support your brand new article then be sure to reply to comments.
  • Frequent contributors may eventually bipass the ‘pitch only’ rule once they’ve written a few posts. The only downside to this is that it may postpone your publish date if we have anything similar already lined up on the calendar.

Sponsored Posts:

If you would like to contribute an article to our magazine and link it back to your company, or a blog that you use to sell a product, then please contact Chrystal for pricing prior to pitching an article to submissions. After you’re worked out the rates you can contact submissions with your pitch and work with our editor on honing the content towards something that serves your company and our readers.

Get in touch with our Senior Editor, Julie, if you have any questions.
Any submissions should be sent here.

If you don’t receive a follow up email within a few weeks, please follow up. We get a lot of submissions and unfortunately sometimes some fall through the Internet cracks.

Alright! Let’s see some brilliance!