Great Homemade Gifts Even YOU Can Make

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When it comes to the holidays I work within a budget, for good reason. I work too damn hard for my money to go spending it without thinking first. Just because it is the holidays doesn’t mean that I can afford to go hog wild on spending. Being frugal can be sexy and having extra money at the end of the month is rewarding. After all, if you save enough during the holidays you can afford that GREAT dress for New Year’s Eve! So, here are my Top 4 Homemade gifts for this holiday season.

Say Something Special: Homemade Mugs

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Do you have a coffee or tea addicted friend or family member but no idea what to get them this holiday season? I have a fun and personalized gift idea that I would love to get. After all, I NEVER give a gift I wouldn’t love to get myself. What would be better for a homemade gift than personalizing a mug for a friend with an inside joke or their favorite quote? Maybe drawing a crossword on for an addicted Dad with everything?

This is an easy present to make and has so many different creative spins to put on it. All you need are white ceramic mugs (easily found at home good stores or even in bulk at restaurant supply shops) and ceramic markers. I found a great instructional here. You can find the markers at craft stores or even office depot stores.

Pick your favorite quote, saying, slogan, inside joke, or hand draw them something if you are artistically inclined. You can wipe it off and re-work if need be until you set the writing. To set the writing place the mug on a cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 300 degrees. Let the mug set until cook and then it is dishwasher safe! A personalized mug, tea or hot chocolate, and even a bargain book and you have a cozy winter day planned for your friend or family member. Who wouldn’t LOVE that homemade gift for pennies?

*NOTE-this CAN be done with Sharpie BUT is it not food safe, so if you use a Sharpie instead of a specialized ceramic marker do NOT write/draw on the lip of the cup where it will come into contact with mouth or fluid. We want homemade gifts AND safety.*

homemade gift ideas, DIY gifts, DIY presents, diy gift ideas, jewelry, display, jewelry display, DIY jewelry, The Indie ChicksAmazing Jewelry Displays!

If your loved ones are anything like me they have a ton of jewelry. People know that I’m addicted to earrings and funky necklaces. I have a towel rack in my bathroom where necklaces hang…that’s how many I have. I was on Pinterest lately and say some display options I loved so much I immediately pinned it for inspiration. Here is my favorite look and it’s SO easy to make!! Homemade gifts have literally never been so simple.

An old antique frame or old mirror casing will work as the home for your little sister’s newest jewelry display. You can paint it however you like, gild it in gold, a pop of vibrant turquoise  or a muted ivory…whatever look you they will love you can easily create. Once the frame has dried simply stretch lace across and hot glue strips to the edges to secure it. You know have a great homemade gift for a loved one. To complete this fantastic gift simple hang a set of great earrings or necklace on the frame and watch as they open it and their eyes light up.

Julie Zantopoulos

Julie Zantopoulos

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      1. Hi Heather! For necklaces you simply unclasp them, loop one end behind the strip of lace, and reclasp. Then it can lay around the ribbon. OR you can use a safety pin in the lace ribbon and slide the pin through a loop on the necklace. Just be careful not to hang anything too heavy. For larger, chunkier pieces you can hang them around the actual frame at the bottom so it doesn’t tear the ribbon you string across.

        Have fun!! 😀

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