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Timelessly gorgeous and unapologetically badass, Peta Wilson encompasses empowerment and making her dreams come true. You may have watched Peta in La Femme Nikita, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, or Superman Returns, among other films. Not only is she a Hollywood film star, entrepreneur, and mother; she is a lingerie mogul. The Indie Chicks celebrate the launch of Wylie Wilson, Peta’s latest production. Wylie Wilson is not only a lingerie company, it’s Peta’s passion project. The company is an endeavor that captures her masterful combination of imagination and fun that celebrates femininity. As her biggest fan I can’t wait for women around the world to fall in love with Wylie Wilson and Get Wylie!

You have a chance to win a pair of Wylie knickers by clicking the link at the bottom of this feature!

Wylie Wilson, Peta Wilson, The Indie Chicks, entrepreneur, lingerieAs an admirer of your film work, I must say that your role as Mina Harker, the only woman in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, was one of my favorites. Which role was the most impactful for you?

The biggest role that has impacted my life, I have to say, is that of becoming a mother. Acting roles all require the same amount of work for me, I don’t have a favorite. It’s all fabulous grown up make believe. It’s the funniest job in the world, really!

When did you decide you wanted to start Wylie Wilson?

I wasn’t thinking about it at the time. I just started making panties as a way to express myself creatively between movie gigs. I started making them as gifts for friends and created each to be as unique as the girlfriend I was making them for. So, I just kept making them, imagining all the different girls who might like them. Someone on the phone asked me to describe the panties to them, and I said, “I guess they are kind of ‘Wylie,’ my word for indescribable.” I just started creating one day after shopping and I noticed that everything I saw as underwear was kind of the same. Varying quality and prices, but essentially they were all the same. I thought, “What if you made them like this, if you used fabrics that aren’t seen on panties normally – the fabrics I like that are a little different. So I made them. I had a friend come for dinner who is a famous costume designer, and she loved them and gave them as Christmas presents to actresses she had worked with. They were a hit! She encouraged me and here I am, two years down the track with a full collection and my own commerce store…Who knew? I really, really enjoy making them as much as I like making characters!

Tell us what sets Wylie Wilson apart from anything else that exists?Wylie Wilson, Peta Wilson, lingerie

The pieces are very multipurpose and wearable. They can be worn to the beach or on the dance floor. They’re perfect for any age, whether you’re a preteen getting ready for a school dance, or a grandmother unleashing your inner Wylie, these panties are for you! Everyone has a WYLIE side. Members of my design team are excited about how the fabric combinations and color palette are very unique. The pieces are more fun and playful. There’s a one of a kind piece for every personality. Wylie is not for your man, it’s for you!

Where do you see Wylie Wilson a year from now?

By the end of 2014, my team and I see Wylie Wilson with stand-alone stores within the US, distributed in key markets in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America, and announcement of new product categories.

How can our readers get their badass selves into one of your custom-made panties?

Click on the Get Wylie graphic below:

Wylie Wilson, Peta Wilson, The Indie Chicks, Get Wylie, panties, lingerie company, lingerie
Click on the image to Get Wylie!

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces?

My inspirations come from cinema and painters; the color palettes of directors, costume designers, and artists. I have a stack of books on my design table. One days it’s Matisse, another day it’s Margritte, Rothko, Kandinsky, Leger, Modigliani, Diego Rivera…it’s a long list. We have over 200 one-of-a-kind pieces, and if you don’t see anything you like we’ll happily design a panty for you!

Thank you for sharing Wylie with us, Peta! Everyone should get Wylie!

Wylie Wilson:


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  1. I love passion projects and passion projects combined with a beautiful and brilliant woman…those are hard to ignore. I love that you’re taking lingerie to a level most people don’t think to. The pieces are beautiful!

  2. What an incredible story. Sounds an awful lot like the beginning stories of some other Indie Chicks I know….

    Plus, PANTIES. Who doesn’t love gorgeous panties? I’m in mine right now.

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