Fiction Writing Guidelines

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Julie Zantopoulos

When not acting as Vice President and Senior Editor at The Indie Chicks, Jewels is a writer at heart and most likely writing for her own website According to Jewels or working on her first novel.In her free time she's loves heading to concerts, taking road trips, reading, and doing anything crafty. Don't hesitate to reach out...she loves chatting with our readers.

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We are all very excited about the Fiction section of the website and about offering you another creative outlet. Some of the team happen to be fiction writers, so this is a part of the new and improved site that is creating a lot of behind the scenes buzz. We want it to be as successful and fun as possible. To avoid confusion, hurt feelings, or drama we are going to explain the guidelines as clearly as possible. Please read them all carefully and email Julie with any unanswered questions.

  1. All submissions are to be 1,300 words or less
    1. If you need to take an extra sentence to wrap up that is fine but going over in excess will disqualify you from being published on the site. These entries will not be read and no response email will be sent.
    2. If you cannot shorten the entry we will consider a series. If you split the story in 2 or 3 parts you must submit the story as a whole. Please make it clear where each individual part of the series stops and starts.
  1. The first page of your document should include your name and contact information. Please do not put this in the email but rather in the actual document.
    1. Information should include the following:
  •          The name you would like to be published under
  •           Blog name and link
  •           Link to Twitter
  •           Link to Facebook
  1. You must have correct grammar, sentence structure, and spelling. As editor I can work with authors to polish a story with minor errors and a good plot but I’m not here to mine out your gems.
  2. All genres are welcome in our fiction section but please keep in mind that we will not publish on our page anything with excessive violence, or graphic sexual nature. We can all agree this isn’t the right platform for that kind of writing.
  3. All submissions must be original and be previously unpublished.
  4. Once posted we would appreciate your promotion of your piece. Let’s work together to get as many eyes as possible on your wonderful work. We will promote you on our social media sites, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. We ask that if you have these social media accounts that you friend, like, circle, and add us so that we can promote your work together.

There are a couple more things we want you to keep in mind when submitting your short story. Submitting a story does not guarantee publication but an email response will always result to explain why it doesn’t work on the site. For right now we have no set schedule for posting these stories and will see what kind of response we get. Lastly, be on the look out for occasional prompts to keep things lively and provide inspiration.

I am excited to offer the magazine’s readers another fabulous place to find inspiration and to showcase your talents. I look forward to working with a new group of writers and building a great community of fiction writers here at The Indie Chicks.

You can submit your stories to this email address with the subject line “Fiction Submission”.

Get Writing!


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