For You, Dicks.


‘I may be a dude but I love your tweets’

‘No lie, I just spent 2 hours browsing your website. Is it okay that I’m reading? I feel like I’m invading your privacy’

‘You chicks are so rad! I am a huge fan and I am most definitely not a girl. Keep up the awesome work!’

We get your tweets – we know you read. (Admittedly, we’ve known for a while… thank you analytics). So we have decided to launch a brand new section for our male readers. Welcome to the Indie Dicks.

Please stay tuned as we are lining up some fabulous content from some of the most influential male bloggers, artists, and writers on the web. You’ll find the resident sex symbols, the bold (and hilarious) dating experts, and much, much more.

No matter how much we focus on woman empowerment, our main message is directed toward motivating and inspiring the individual. Guys need the same kick in the ass as we do, and they definitely don’t have a site like ours to go to when they need it most.

Correction – the didn’t have one.

If you know any kick ass bloggers you think would be great for our new column, please have them get in touch with us about contributing.



Straight from The Indie Chicks company to our readers, just like we like it. When we have something to say as a group, this is how we do it. Enjoy, badasses.

    1. That’s awesome, Dan! We’re so excited to get this up and running.. Such brilliant guys!

      Just checked out your blog.. Any chance we can get some coding love on here? I’m currently learning and would love, love, love seeing something on here! (I build child themes, mainly, but my goal is to be able to build WordPress themes from scratch.) – Chiara

  1. Sure thing! I haven’t worked much with WordPress, so I’d have to do a bit more research and playing around before I could write on that. I’ll come up with some other ideas and submit them. If there is anything specific you were looking for, please let me know.

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